press releases

  1. shipluppc

    How to distribute press releases?

    Hi, I want to distribute press releases to a different websites. How I can do that? Is there any way?
  2. A

    Hello BHW: I can help you write business plans, strategize and write articles

    I was here under a different name, but haven't used it in a while, so just coming back. I can help you write business plans, strategize and write feature articles for blogs and websites. My press releases have garnered world wide news coverage multiple times. I am seeking help in fine...
  3. obas

    Clickbank with Press Releases

    Hi guys, I need help. I followed a guide on Udemy using press releases with Clickbank. I've burnt a lot of money doing press releases with no sale, I get 50 to 100 hops in 2 days after distribution and the traffic dies down. I also guess the people I work with on Fiverr don't do a very good job...
  4. obas

    Cloaking Links for Press Releases

    I've searched this forum but couldn't get the answers I'm looking for. Does link cloaking still works for Press Releases and does it really convert well for leads? I just read a course udemy and i want to try it out... I don't want to waste money on something that won't work, so far i havn't...
  5. Danny Crypto

    Content Writer - What Should I expect?

    Content is king! But currently my content writer is just writing content for newsletters and some small blogs and that's all she's doing. She's really good in writing but she's lazy. Where to use the good writing skills on internet which drives traffic to my website. I guess I can only use...
  6. jedediahd

    Elite Content Written By Native English Speaking, Educated Professionals - Reviews Available

    We provide elite content that helps you rank and bank! You can see how happy our clients are below! We have now added specialized press release writers and can craft quality press releases at our standard rates Automated ordering: - includes...
  7. T

    Outreach/Guest posts/Press Releases Services

    Hi There, I'm looking for any kind of Outreach/Guest posts/Press Releases services available at a half decent price. Any recommendations? Much Appreciated Thanks
  8. luke6966

    ███ Site Launch Formula ███ Link Building For Your New Site. Quality Press Release Included ███

    Make sure to check latest posts for discounts and promos. FAQ Do you guarantee my site will not get sanboxed? We’re not Google, we can’t guarantee what their algo will or will not do. What I can say is that I use this approach on every single one of my sites. Also this approach has been...
  9. vitarank

    The Write ROI - Real Content Writing Services At Affordable Prices By Vitarank

    CLICK ON THE IMAGE TO ORDER! :) or visit this link: 24/7 SUPPORT: email: support [at] skype: vitaranksupport Live Chat at BHW Discount Code: BHW10 We can also answer to your questions in the thread or by PM...
  10. wealth54

    Best Press Release services provider ?

    whos providing best press release submit service in BHW or any other place ? please post your honest review , only post if you have used them or know they are really good Thanks in Advance :)
  11. B

    PRESS RELEASE DOMINATIONGet Contextual News Links From 30 High Ranking News Sites

  12. V

    Investing into Paid Links VS Press News Distribution Paid Packages ?

    hello blackhatworld, i bought few press releases last week since i got few good clients & i do need constant High Quality links, Do some one suggest to buy few Press Releases Subscription which provides me unlimited Press Releases, like 1 abnewswire Quarterly Subscription for Distributing...
  13. U

    PressKing Ripping Customers Off

    A few months ago, I signed up for PressKing and purchased 1,000 worth of pre-paid credits. I have a small business and the credits were great since I wasn't always doing press releases and I could use the credits whenever I wanted. How it worked was for every 1 credit, you get to send your press...
  14. blackhatbeavis

    Where To Submit PressReleases Nowadays...FREE

    Where is the best places to submit my new PressReleases too? Ideally FREE solutions?
  15. aapta

    wanted content writers and regular articles

    Hi Guys, I need some one to provide me content writing services - I need regularly articles and content for my sites and my client sites. Standard article will be of 500 - 600 words and of any topic I give you. I can pay only $1 per article that means $1 for 500 - 600 words. But I will be...
  16. F

    Tricky Press Release Question.

    Hi, Well my question is pretty simple, suppose i order a pr blast from say a company like prweb or businesswire, would there be any way to tell that the content is driven via those websites? what i mean is would there be a thumbnail on the top/bottom of the press release (say that's on usatoday)...
  17. T

    How Would YOU Get the Most out of Great Press Release Links?

    A few Press Releases that I did really caught on nicely, and were syndicated on quite a few major websites and news sources. My question to you is... what would YOU do to capitalize on these prized links? I generally have a strategy for these types of links, but I am really interested at...
  18. StartupBros

    Best Press Release Service?

    One of my clients companies does about $7m a year revenue, decently large company. He wants to switch from to another PR service. Does anybody have some advice as to which Press Release services would work out best for a legitimate, seo/marketing aggressive company with a...
  19. K

    Looking for people who want to get a unlimited backlinks

    I own a News site and I am willing to allow a limited number of people (250) to have UNLIMITED submissions to the site each month! That's right, you can write article after article every day and submit them to the site. You will be able to have one link in your article back to a site you own...
  20. P

    ePress Releases- one shot or slow roll?

    I've used ePR to rank successfully for me and my clients. Some short term, some very very long term (1+ years on some long tail phrases). Typically I've used software such as TrafficMania Pressbot (found here for free) to do a blast to a bunch for free. I've also done them manually. I've...
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