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PressKing Ripping Customers Off

Discussion in 'Black Hat SEO' started by ub3rst4r, Apr 29, 2013.

  1. ub3rst4r

    ub3rst4r Junior Member

    May 12, 2012
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    A few months ago, I signed up for PressKing and purchased 1,000 worth of pre-paid credits. I have a small business and the credits were great since I wasn't always doing press releases and I could use the credits whenever I wanted. How it worked was for every 1 credit, you get to send your press release to one contact. And for 50 credits, they would post your press release to their Facebook or Twitter account for more exposure. So every press release was about 75-100 credits (depending on how much exposure you wanted). A few days ago they sent an email (that I didn't read at first) and found that all of sudden they were changing their pricing around and totally getting rid of the credits. Now they have 2 plans, a pay-as-you-go (which isn't the same as the credits) and a monthly subscription. For the pay as you go plan, it costs $190 for a press release to be sent to 50 contacts. For the monthly subscription, it costs $20 per month and then another $60 for a press release to be sent 250 contacts. Now since they changed the pricing, I am stuck with a 3 month subscription and a $90 coupon code. So, compare this to the credits I had before where I had 600+ credits left and for that, I could do 5-6 press releases. Now with this coupon, I can only do 1 press release and then they expect you to use that extra $30 towards another press release. So basically, all of sudden 600 credits turns into 250 credits plus the extra $20/mo. I can't even compare it to the new pay as you go since my $90 coupon isn't even half of the $190 for it and that's only for 50 contacts. I contacted them about getting my money back for the credits I bought but they refused. Talk about poor business and a bunch of numb skulls...

    TL;DR PressKing took away my 600+ prepaid credits and increased their prices (by ALOT!). They gave me a 3 month subscription and $90 coupon (which only works for 1 press release compared to 5-6 press releases before with the credits). They won't do anything for me.
  2. pruvot

    pruvot Newbie

    Feb 15, 2014
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    I've also used Pressking last year to send a press release. I had to pay 200$ for it. The result was extremely poor : only 12 journalists received an email about my press release, only 3 opened it. I let you calculate the cost per mail !!! I don't want to hear about this website anymore and if I could avoid people with small businesses to waste their money, it would be a kind of compensation for me.
    Last edited: Feb 15, 2014