1. malikmajmudar

    My porn tube 1 year old, yesterday revenue was $150 ! here is proof

    Hello, i hope you are doing ok. i was not recently active in bhw since i was engaged in several new project. if you follow my threads i believe you know that i run a small porn tube. well not small anymore i guess. i thought to give you guys and update about the current stats of my porn tube as...
  2. aj2smoove

    CPA pop ad

    Hello there ,a few days ago i was making an campaign for a pop ad on popads.net ,so today I want to tell you if it's traffic bots or this is normal ,look i have 259 clicks and 0 leads ,is it normal or just bot traffic? And the campaign still have buget ,please tell me ! Thanks
  3. aj2smoove

    cpa popads.net

    hello everyone i want to try this site popads.net and i want to create an campaing and if ayone want's to help me to create a good campaing if he want's i will be very thankul i try it already but i dont know too much ...no results..i mean they dont take my money for what i make...so if you want...
  4. tommyskret

    [CASE STUDY] of adsterra directlink spam on facebook to media buy paid traffic popads & facebook ads

    Let's start with spam on Facebook OFFER Directlink Adsterra know adsterra for how many months, to be exact, about 7 months. I like this type of directlink ad. Because you can directly click on the impression. TARGET MAJORITY COUNTRIES FROM INDONESIA Mainly because I don't have a...

    Popads.net Withdrawal Issue ?

    I have an account with popads.net from a long time. Never got any issue before. This time when I try to withdraw my money. They showed the below warning and not replying to my email. We have detected certain anomalies in your websites traffic. Until they are reviewed by our traffic quality...
  6. M

    Anyone use Popmyads.com? Are they good for advertisers?

    I cant find any reviews about them on most forums. Currently running campaigns on popads.net and got some good conversion, tried popcash but conversion rate not that good.
  7. spamco

    Best Cpabuild Traffic Method

    hey guys , im using cpabuild and i have 300$ to start promoting offers but can anyone tell me what traffic should i use , push or pop or any other traffic type...???? that all i want to know and thanks for the help
  8. Ankith K Shetty

    Does PopAds affect my website SEO?

    Hi, I have a website which is performing well in SEO. However, recently I started PopAds campaign as my website as the landing page. Not surprisingly, the average time on site by pop ads is low and bounce rate of pop ads traffic is too high. I am starting to wonder. Does this affect my...
  9. D

    How/where to put popads code in wordpress?

    Hello, guys, I'm really new to this. Day ago a was approved on popads [dot] net. They give code but I don't know where to put it and what PLUGIN to use? And actually how it works?
  10. M

    Does PopAds still pay?

    I have been researching on getting an ad network as alternative for google adsense and I couldn't find one. I came up with trying popads. I believe we still have some old users who patronized them. Please what's your review on this and what's your suggestion in getting a good ad network as...
  11. R

    PopAds - Support Email Full

    Hi, Recently joined PopAds to test some traffic & impressions. Super surprise to have my campaigns not approved and low and behold email for support is full. Anyone have experience with this? First time through an advertiser network I've had a campaign not approved. TIA
  12. Leader777

    Popads banned my account

    So i'm an advertiser with popads and wake up today to see my account being banned for no reason and there is money in it. I sent them an email so they can explain to me what's wrong because i never did something against their TOS and i'm promoting clean link so maybe in 2020 ad networks are...
  13. M

    Traffic with blank referer

    Hi! I search traffic site like popads.net with custom settings (set blank/null referer) and geo targeting.
  14. Vox1Hex

    Adblock - does technologies like Neverblock work?

    Hello BHW friends, today I was lurking around exoclick's "Neverblock" they promise huge increase in revenue with it. I would like to ask you what experiences do you have with it? Adblock obviously successfully block all ads from exoclick even ads in video. I guess this is huge wasting of...
  15. Vox1Hex

    Popads.net withdrawing question

    Hi BHW friends, I would like to ask you concerning your experiences with popads.net network. I gave them try last week and I was successfully paid via paypal. I have made another withdrawal yesterday, their system started to count down until withdraw operation as last week. So I was awaiting...
  16. deedat205

    pop vs native vs display ads

    I have been a frequent reader here and not until recently I started taking things serious. I want to promote cpa offers, I have seen good threads here on pop ads, and again I have seen people with negative comments about it. Honestly I would have tried all the forms of advert I stated, I don't...
  17. bsm2019

    How to track POP ADS - Need help.

    Hi, so I am currently blowing $$ on popads, I am getting conversions but I am not sure what sites are the ones that are bringing me these conversions. I need help to figure out / software that tracks the IDS of the sites sending me traffic and which convert. Can someone help with advice...
  18. DTjai

    Are more recent statistics more important or...

    Is data from a longer period of time more important? For example I am comparing 7 day an 30 day data on my tracker and while the 30 day data says a particular ad is negative roi the 7 day stats say it is a positive one. What would you do in this case?
  19. R

    Popads ? Restricted countries

    Hey guys, Few days ago I decided to use popads for cpa I created a campign then there I couldn't choose USA as My traffic source I emailed them and they replied " Hi there, Thank you for your email. I hope you're well. We would happily consider applying the changes once a $5k spend history has...
  20. JS Media

    popads + Blogger =??

    Recently ive applied for popads for my blogger blog. Its approved and i had readily placed the code and seems to work fine. My site gets around 150-200 visits/day and 80% contained by us viewers. What could be my site's earning potential ? Also eager to know experience from fellow popads users.
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