1. sladki03

    [RankerX] Failed to create account on all Bookmarking sites under platform "Pligg"

    I found all my account creation on "Pligg" are failed, is it the platform issue or my setting issue on Xevil?
  2. nahaczyku

    GSA SER a few issues

    1. SER How to eliminate scraping links from selected domains? * .mee . nu * .ne . jp * .bravesites . com * .jigsy . com 2. Why CMS Pligg doesn't add any articles/profiles at all? Console log 17:47:07: [+] 0102/3347 matches engine Pligg - http...
  3. N

    Need Help in Pligg Installation

    Hey there i have installed Pligg CMS to my domain but i am unable to register because Captcha V1 is down and i am unable to change to Recaptcha V2 please help me
  4. S

    About your pligg websites

    i recently make a pligg cms based website freebacklinksseo but when i check other pligg based website i saw than their search visits are less than 1% and many of them are under 20,000 alexa rank. So how they get traffic???
  5. stan40

    Pligg registration problem

    I found some Pligg sites, but when try to register get the error "The passwords provided do not match". Is that some kind of problem with the Pligg ? Example sites below: vuetu . com sootheo . com prankfo . com
  6. B

    Is It Worth Starting a Pligg Based Site

    I've been toying with the idea of running my own digg style site for sometime now but I'm still unsure if it would be financially viable, and by that I mean, I'm not sure if it would turn over any money using ads. Has anyone else had any experience running these types sites that could offer some...
  7. vtech

    Pligg bot to flood your own site?

    I have a freshly installed pligg site on my server and I want to fill it with my own bot users. I'm looking for something that can... make accounts (seeing as it is my own site captcha will probably be off unless I get flooded with other bots too soon, if it matters) submit links/post (would...
  8. I-J-T

    Anyone who has Do Follow Pligg Sites?

    Hi there, is there anyone here who can kindly share your 'do follow' Pligg sites that can also work well in SENuke import? Thank you in advance!
  9. F

    BOOKMARK HERO - Social Bookmarks at RESELLER PRICE - 2$ and 3$ With Free Drip Feed!

    FAQs: 1. What do you mean by "Accepts up to 20 URLs"? This feature allows you to spread your bookmark submissions over the number of URLs you give. Example: -You ordered Package # 2 - 300 bookmarks (2$) -You gave us 10 URLs. -Each URL will have approximately 30 bookmarks each. -This is good...
  10. N

    [GET] 870+ Verified Pligg Sites List 2012

    Here is a list of 870+ Pligg sites. All the sites are check & verified on 01-06-2012 by my custom made bot. Enjoy :) UPDATE: 1) Numbering removed on request :) 2) 100+ sites added :) 3) * sign is seen on the sites that has BHW banned words in it..!!
  11. R4z0r

    Pligg Submitter v3

    Hi guy I am currently updating Pligg Submitter. Do you guys have any new feature requests besides multi-threads :horn: I am waiting... Regards R4z0r
  12. O

    Need help setting up xrumer pligg mod

    I am looking for help in setting up my pligg mod for xrumer. It is already running, but it does not seem to be working properly. Happy to pay for someone who can get it running right.
  13. allihill21

    Pligg Submission Software That Can Vote !

    Is there any Pligg submission software that can also vote the story? Many Pligg site this days make the submitted link do follow once the story get certain number of votes. If you know any tool, please suggest me. Thanks.
  14. wickedguy

    1192 Pligg Sites for You!!!!

    Just a small contribution guys. A working pligg list for BMD. Enjoy! :D
  15. N

    Choosing Category in Bookmarking Demon

    How do you select the default category? Do you have to manually visit each site first? I have around 2000 Pligg sites in the database. Even if I only go after those with page rank, it's a lot of sites to go through by hand. Isn't there at least some semi-automated way? Am I missing something?
  16. S

    HUGE List of Bookmarking Sites 10,000+

    Here's a list I found on someone's blog today. It's a really big list of bookmarking sites. Some of them could not be determined by BMD, but the majority of the sites imported and are working great. 10,000 Social Bookmarking Sites Don't forget to click the thanks button!
  17. J

    Almost 400 Social Bookmarking Sites

    I have come across a number of threads in the past that talks about 1,000s of Scuttle, Pligg, and PHPDug sites that you can use to build links. By the time you get to them, most of them now have expired domains, they've removed registration, submissions are broken, or they have removed the...
  18. T

    [HELP] How to make ScrapeBox find more URL's? (scuttle, pligg, ect)

    Hey there BHW, I just got ScrapeBox and I'm excited! I have gone through the videos and also the cool condensed ScrapeBox Guide that someone posted on the forum (good job by the way!). My main purpose in buying it was to more easily be able to harvest bookmarking URL's for BMD and SBS and the...
  19. datura

    Scuttle/Pligg Submitter

    Suggest me PHP script or desctop tool for automatic submitting to Scuttle and Pligg sites. Please ;)
  20. O

    Pligg List 2010

    Hi all Here is all pligg list i have found on the internet: All inside files are TXT
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