1. D

    My google app cant be searched with even id

    Hi Im struggling to understand why i cant search my app in google playstore even with my package id , Keyword is a far cry. Its almost a month since app is published Im searching with id:com.xxxx.yyyy I searched with id=com.xxxx.yyyy I dont know what else i can do Please suggest Thanks
  2. T

    Need advice to what i do? To make money

    Hello, I am a game developer and i'm not promoting myself here. I want advice what i need to do to make money by Game Dev. I was start with mobo games as android i was upload it on Google play store. After a week Google removed my account. I was send mail but nothing happen. i am solo dev. Now...
  3. F

    How can I find all the keywords my app is ranked for playstore

    Hi I have several app on play store. What tool can I use to see all the keywords that my app is ranked for?
  4. vibedz

    Convert my Blog into Android App

    Hi beautiful people I need a help to convert my blog into android app and publish it on Appstore any Idea please?
  5. netzerboy

    Fb Ads to Get App Install

    Hi all, anyone now using fb ads to get app install on playstore? is still worth for this time? or you think i should choose CPI services? thank you
  6. V

    [Need Advice] Earning with apps, uploading somewhere else rather than playstore

    Hello people. I have been looking for years how to make money online, since that is one of my dreams. I have been around for 5 years in this search, and I still hope that I will achieve it. The fact is that recently I came across a post on how to make money making applications, and I am very...
  7. Z

    Review for google play store apps

    Hello I need a website Review for play store apps .Who knows a good site Or any useful method Thanks ♥♥
  8. mojodoom

    How to pull game info from Google Playstore?

    Hi, I have a website related to android games apk. I want to pull info of games automatically to my website. Do you know how it can be done or any software for it? I am using wordpress website. Thanks
  9. hardik9099

    How they are doing this ???

    i found some pages on playstore... that having all their app ranked and listed on top apps list each time they launch one. how they doing this ? can anyone help me postmortem this ... all the apps are no less the crap. and full with ads... their is no thing like user experience. check...
  10. PandaHat2514

    Can some hero help me with this - Android App

    Hi guys, i have an app in the playstore that have copyright content, it streams anime, and today my app got removed, on 5k downloads, but i see that there is a lot of apps like mine, and have like 100.000 - 500.000 downloads. Is there a way to save my app?,a week ago i took the DMCA policies...
  11. hardik9099

    need help.. how they deliver keyword installs?

    i found some app install providers who said they provide keyword installs to any android app at some cost. Question: how they provide keyword installs if my app is brand new. .. !! ? if I release my app in play store then it will not show up in the full title. how this people able to...
  12. N

    Make an App like Feature point or other

    Hello, i'm new here :) I have a question, there's a guide on internet that explain how to make an app like feature points? Because i think is possible make a lot of money if the app became famous. Thanks :)
  13. hardik9099

    Play store tredmark claim !!!

    i have an app in play store that contains WhatsApp word in title. today morning play store removed my app saying that its trademark claim by WhatsApp. now there are tons of apps having WhatsApp word in title live since last 2-3 years long. WhatsApp not claiming their app. is it bad luck ...
  14. T

    how to make picture not recognized by google image search

    Hello! i'm searching about method that make image not recognized by google search engine, i saw alot of people know how to do it but i don't know how there is no informations enywhere for exemple image that contains naruto character but when you use it on the google search engine, he doesn't...
  15. S

    Publish app TM Playstore

    How to publish apps containing keyword TM. Examples of "clash royale". When I publish an application titled "Guide for Clash Royale 2017", the app is suspend. What is the solution if I want to upload a TM app? While I see diplaystore a lot of TM applications can get away and last long.
  16. D

    New App ASO questions

    I have recently created an android app which I plan to release on the playstore within the next couple of days, it's a rewards based app where users complete my CPA offers in return for points which they then redeem for gift cards, not sure if it will take off but I haven't really spent a penny...
  17. nkr188

    Android App Developers Email List

    If you are in looking for Android mobile app developers with email lists. I collected these listings from Google Play directory website. All details are public information so you can safely contact and connect with the mobile app companies. You don't need to manually search on the internet for...
  18. T

    How to find Free pictures to use them on google play

    How to find Free pictures to use them on google play i found some websites who gives you free pics to use but i was searching for players pictures and i didn't find them please help me !
  19. Pratik701

    Android App PPI (India only)

    Is there any good network to get 5000-1000 installs Fast as possible At cheap rates in india? Please suggest if Anyone used before Or Should i use AdWords?
  20. amoon

    Google begins to take action, and million of Apps could be purged from PlayStore

    Google had earlier hinted that it will be monitoring the Play Store closely, especially for keeping a check on privacy policy adherence by apps, Over the last 24 hours, Google has been sending notices to developers worldwide stating its intention to “limit visibility” or remove apps from the...