1. R

    Making $ with PlayStore

    Hey I have a lot of sim card with credit I can have many CD with my copyright than i can sell on the playstore ( i tried NP) The question if i can buy with the same phone but different sim card CD ( each sim card different CD) or Google will banned my account? Any advice? :) Thanks :)
  2. Great Gatsby

    App that is driving us crazy. PokemonGo

    How many members around the globe had the opportunity to catch Pikachu ? Post your comments about the game. Just over the week after its release in Australia and Newzealand it has finally launched in UK and Germany recently. Any suggestions when it will be available for all geo-locations ?
  3. A

    Google play store account available

    skype-arora53mahi We provide multiple accounts in bulk , please contact us for Gdev account.
  4. N

    Google Play Developer Account Appeal

    Has anyone got the Google Play Developer account terminated for multiple violations of copyright WHO actually won the appeal if you filed one out. All my stuff is not copyrighted. I would like to know from anyone who has won the appeal what you wrote down because I need my account reinstated.
  5. K

    Need Someone to create and maintain Google Play Store Developer account

    Guys, Need some one to post apps on google play store on behalf of me, I will post a free apps with ads in it. and give you a share of 5% of whatever i get, and $25 for creating play store account(which i will be transferring at the end of 1st month). All you have to do is to update the apps...
  6. J

    Android app marketing partner needed

    I have a couple of apps on playstore. I want somebody to join me and help market/sell them. I am willing to give 25% of my revenue shares(here on) in return for that. Both the apps have generated an organic rating of 4.6-4.8 and yet haven't been downloaded much.(Combined free download is 3500...
  7. S

    Need approved Indian Google play account

    I am willing to spend up to $70 on an approved Indian Google Play account. I need to publish my paid and free android apps on the play store, that's why I need it. PM me if interested or reply here.