1. E

    Is Pingler any good?

    On there home page, there is an introduction video, where the guy claim that the links you ping get index faster and you get more traffic. Really? Please enlighten me HOW?
  2. ArmineZ

    Index backlinks or let them get crawled naturally?

    I've bought GSA Search Engine Ranker and I'm using it along with some manual SEO to rank my small niche blogspot blogs on Google. So, I was wondering if I should blast/ping my backlinks so they get indexed faster or let them get crawled and indexed naturally. Thanks in advance.
  3. H

    Pinging affiliate links?

    Hi, Im wondering if i could shorten my affiliate links and ping them on pingomatic or pingler, would i get anywhere doing this? Thanks Hayzee
  4. Y

    questions about pinging

    Hi all, I got a question about pinging. How important is it that you do it? When you build a backlink, should you rightaway ping it? What happens if you ping a link that has been built some time ago, any chance of google penalties here. All the ping services i've seen seem to be for blogs. Can...
  5. B

    is there anything such as over pinging your back links too much?

    Hi, I have been having tons of links being built for me from bookmarks to articles to wiki to profiles to private blogs networks to linkwheels ... the whole 9 yards. i wanted to know if there is anything such as over pinging these links... i use lindexed, linklicious and nuclear to ping them...
  6. R

    Please help, I have 2 easy questions about bookmarks ->

    Hey :D I didn?t want to make 2 different threads for this so I ask them right here :) 1. Do you guys think that spinning our bookmarks is useful or not ? (duplicate stuff with BM?s ?) 2. Also is it useful to create and send RSS feeds from your bookmarks links, and also maybe pinging...
  7. ExtraWinner - Advanced mass ping tool - FREE!

    Hi fellow Black Hatters! I want to invite you to visit - FREE pinging tool. How does SEOmatic work? We create rss feed out of links submitted, and then we send them to multiple sites for maximum Google exposure. As an addition we will send scheduled RSS feed 10 times through...
  8. sweetguyzzz

    How to Ping, RSS Feed & Submit, Bookmark?? How to help search engine to crawl faster??

    How to Ping, RSS Feed & Submit, Bookmark?? How these help search engine to crawl faster?? Hi to all members, I have three types of simple questions but they are very much confusing me and I am sure that many of the other pupil are being confused because of these ques. 1) How to ping your...
  9. R

    Pinging A WordPress Blog?

    When i cteate a new page I ping. When i create a new page should I ping my main url or should I ping the url of the new page?
  10. luca6899

    What is the best way to get google to re-index your site????

    Hello, How can I make Google index my blog/website again, so it add's the optimized tags, and etc. to the Google cache? (so I know that google has got it PROPERLY indexed) I have read a little bit about pinging, but it don't really seem to work. Or maybe I am doing it wrong. Either way...
  11. katona44

    Tested ping list,with Bookmarking Demon

    Hi guys,here is a tested list of ping servers,i hope it will help you to get indexed faster!;)
  12. R

    Pinging/spidering bad for Youtube marketing ?!

    - Sorry if I'm not in the good place. A guy saied to me that pinging/spidering could seem unnatural to google eyes. I specify it is for Youtube marketing. I explain : - I make a video for a product and I send it on Youtube. - I bookmark my Youtube URL on some Bookmarking websites. - I...
  13. B

    first 1 to explain order of rss, ping, social wins a prize!

    One of the forum contributors was talking about the best method of getting indexed quickly, and while I have posted this Q on their website, there is resounding silence. Basically, the "most common method" described about getting 'profile links' indexed, sounds exactly the same as people...
  14. seomanifest

    New Blog Pinging Service 200+ sites & URL Shortening service

    There is a new blog pinging service that pings 200+ blog pinging engines and also shortens URLs it is still in beta and is still free for now, if you are interested in trying it out Feedback would be appreciated
  15. U

    Free Ping Services

    Ping for squidoo Lenses My page Rank Mypage Rank Ping My Blog Blog and podcast ping...
  16. revit

    Free Mass Social Bookmarking Service

    I will be launching a social bookmarking service fairly shortly here offering social bookmarking, pinging services, and video distribution. For right now, I need to test everything out, so this is where I need your help. The first 5 people will be accepted. Higher ranked members will be given...
  17. 4alllifestyles

    MASS Pinging Service

    Hello All I've seen several threads with people that need to ping their blogs, xrumer runs, wp-comment runs, linkwheels, etc. with a "Mass Pinger".. Something that will run hundreds of thousands of URL's instead of doing it one at a time. Well, now you have one! It's a service that will...
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