1. T

    Persuade Like a Lawyer: How to Write to Convince a Jury of Readers

    Weak arguments are like chains: If one claim breaks, the whole argument falls apart. Lawyers—i.e., people who argue as a profession—know better. Instead of linking chains, lawyers weave claims into cables of arguments strong enough to convince judges and juries. Unlike fragile links, if one...
  2. Seagate44

    Persuasion? Videos?

    Hey! So I recently discovered this fine channel, which shows murderer's hearings, where they are persuaded and convinced to plead guilty. Unfortunately it has only 3 videos now and it's not in english. The best thing about these videos is that the narrator shows what exact techniques detective...
  3. Seagate44

    The best guides on How to sell & persuasion

    Hey I'm currently managing 80% of my business by talking one-on-one with my clients, via instagram DMs. I wonder, if you guys could recommend any website / course / videos etc. other content on how to sell directly? Like what to talk to people, how to act etc. to sell them my products? Also...
  4. unimains

    Belief reframing - Todd brown

    Hello, I just want to share a crucial video that I think everybody needs to know. It's a technique that Todd brown & Rich schefren always talk about on itw. I think Andre chaperon use this for the "Frank vs matt" article. It's on Youtube for FREE !!! Everybody should use this method.
  5. E

    Need Marketing Expert to build Websites that Convert

    Please read: If you are not an expert with conversion, don't bother contacting me. Please read: If you don't communicate in a timely fashion, don't bother contacting me. I need someone to create websites that convert and look professional. Be a marketing expert please. Long term outsourcing...
  6. slickbrick

    [Sales and Landing Pages] Persuasive Comparison Table of Before&After State?

    In your landing pages and/or sales pages have you ever successfully added a direct comparison of how life would be before and after having/using a product/service? My clients run a Saas that helps Network Marketers automate their lead generation and at some point in the page (maybe towards the...
  7. Anosike


    Hello Does anyone have this book - Persuasion Secrets of the World's most charismatic and Influential Villains I need it in pdf or epub. please share if you do. Thanks...
  8. uristjack

    I'VE BEEN TRIGGERED: 6 Psychological Buttons to Push For $$$$$

    I'VE BEEN TRIGGERED: 6 Psychological Buttons to Push for $$$ Let me tell you a story. You're writing copy for your newest website, You're making some sweet, sweet SEO + Affiliate Marketing money. It's nice. But not enough. So what do you do? You hop onto BHW, hoping...
  9. R

    Why You'll Only FAIL as an Aspiring Copywriter

    This is my first legitimate post, and I'm doing it all on the fly. One of the biggest things that really hit me is that NOTHING is original. "Internet marketing", "Facebook Advertising", it's all a lie. It's nothing but a platform for a headline and ensuing WORDS. It's just words...
  10. mate246

    How to be an extraordinary good b*llsh*t artist?

    Take a look on the internet. You can see a lot of people b*llsh*tting their way to riches. Like TaiLopez That guy can talk nonsense for one hour straight and make a lot of sales. (Almost convinced me as well) There are a lot of successful entrepreneurs that can write so much b*llsh*t, that it...
  11. popzzz

    [GET] Online Copywriting Persuasion

    Online Copywriting Persuasion A popular adage in Internet Marketing goes: "most people are one sales letter away from wealth". If you want to be rich, you must know how to sell. Fortunately, the Internet makes it possible for you - or anyone - to be able to sell 24/7... on 100%...
  12. popzzz

    [GET] Dynamic And Influential Copywriting MRR

    Dynamic And Influential Copywriting MRR Secrets Of Writing Sales Materials Revealed! Learn How "Dynamic And Influential Copywriting" Will Help You Learn The Vital Skills...
  13. popzzz

    [GET] How To Become A Copywriting Stud - Randy Gage

    How To Become A Copywriting Stud - Randy Gage How to write killer copy for sensational sales of any product or services even if you flunked english! Get Rich Working from Your Spare Bedroom, Sidewalk Cafes in Paris, under a Palm Tree in Hawaii, or Anywhere Else...
  14. popzzz

    [GET] Masters of Copywriting

    Overview This information-packed manual is a must-have reference for anyone who sells with words. Now you can learn from the best, including Joseph H. Appel, Bruce Barton, Harry E. Cleland, George L. Dyer, Claude C. Hopkins, John Starr Hewitt, and other stars of the...
  15. popzzz

    [GET] Advanced Hypnotic Writing by Joe Vitale

    The Most In-Depth Manual Ever Created in History on How to Write Ads, Sales Letters and News Releases, including Top-Secret Psychological Insights Revealing How To Grab, Hold, and Shake Money out of People--- ---with just YOUR WORDS! Introduction...
  16. StevenJones


    Hello YOU!! Decided to put some extra emphasis on some principles that every salesman should go about. Per my opinion. Here goes.. Presenting Yourself with AUTHORITY. Be the expert in your niche.. Be that person other people tend to go to when shit hits the fan. It's important that you know...
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