Why You'll Only FAIL as an Aspiring Copywriter

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    This is my first legitimate post, and I'm doing it all on the fly.

    One of the biggest things that really hit me is that NOTHING is original.

    "Internet marketing", "Facebook Advertising",

    it's all a lie.

    It's nothing but a platform for a headline and ensuing WORDS.

    It's just words.

    "Sales" is one of the worlds' oldest professions. Next to prostitution and religion.

    I mean, even vegetables in ancient egypt were peddled across lands on little paper scrolls.

    There is NOTHING new that you could ever do that hasn't been done in some form or way before.

    And one of the biggest "fears" you have to overcome is trying to re-invent the wheel.


    Don't mistake me for preaching against creating your own legacy, because that's not what this about.

    Don't mistake this for splicing entire sales pages, because this is not what this about.

    Don't mistake these words as being a lazy sh*t and not knowing what you're doing.

    What I'm saying is, steal from your neighbor.

    The ideas are perfectly legal to steal, but leave the words alone. Those can stay. (most)

    Yes, if you see something you like, especially in a far off niche, TAKE IT.

    Eugene Schwartz was an author of one of the first books I learned from.

    He would "steal" ads from Chicago and print them in New York.

    Borrow, replicate, mold.

    If you don't, you're wasting way too much time on the minor details that the giants have already carved out for you.

    If You try to do this 100%, completely on your own, you'll fail.

    If you had to learn everything, and use only what you create. How would people understand you?

    Your references would go unnoticed, your phrases would make them think too much....

    DO you WANT your customers to have to think?

    Good, you've been doing research. The answer is no. You do that for them.

    Gary Halbert recommended hand-writing over 30 ads he hand picked, Re-writing them WORD FOR WORD.

    Learn the language of a sales page and let it flourish.

    The true beauty is that you CAN copy even some of the most successful ads, word for word, and yet it will fail bitterly when you apply it for your purposes.


    We're not afraid of you because you don't understand what makes it work anyway.
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    I think the more likely reason you'll only fail as an aspiring copyrighter is because of your horrible line spacing.
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    I like your idea, but maybe your execution of the idea isn't eloquent enough :eek:

    Your point is to find something that works and then replicate it but rephrasing rather than trying to come up with your own original copy — yes? Find what works rather than re-inventing the wheel?

    That said, PKL were one of the most successful agencies of their day because they dared to go beyond prescribed formats and normal advertising copy.