1. Myst3ry

    [Question] Wordpress Permalink Structure

    I have left it like this when I have created the site and now I want to remove the unnecessary "/" at the end. My question is - will it affect the whole site? Will Google consider the new URLs without "/" at the end as brand new URLs?
  2. the gent

    Site Permalink Structure!

    I have a site with over 170+ posts published with a permalink structure of: Category name/post name and the link on search bar is a bit long! Thinking of changing the URLs to 'post name' ONLY so, my questions are... Is setting permalinks to "Post" still the best URL structure as per SEO...
  3. Search Land

    URL redirection and Structure problem

    I am facing a problem. my website URL structure is and i want it to be it is easy to do from permalinks but the main problem is that there are 2600 pages it is impossible to redirect each URL you know anything that can make...
  4. V

    wordpress url problem

    There has been a problem in my WordPress website as if I prepare a post and after setting everything in the post, like main keyword and permalink also by inserting the main keyword, when the post is published then that post is not open then permalink in When I change some words, then that post...
  5. bull seo


    ⏩ RANK WITH MIX AUTHORITY HAND MADE BACKLINKS SERVICE ⏪ Boost Your Website Ranking With Super Powerful Link Building Strategy!! The best way of showing your site in SERPs is to create a quality backlinks. This off-page SEO service focuses primarily on achieving higher website ranking from an...
  6. javadth

    plugin or code to show posts Default Permalinks

    hi my website permalink setting is /%category%/%postname%.html but I’m looking for a plugin or code to show WordPress Default Permalinks under the posts like:
  7. Moto801

    How can I rebuild this page with exact permalink?

    I want to rebuild an old page URL with wordpress to preserve the link juice as the page still has high authority and many domains pointing to it. The URL looks like this: .com/viewer.php?mp=&md=viewer&page=1 I'm able to create the /viewer.php part using the custom permalinks plugin but the end...
  8. Remorse

    Annoying permalinks issue

    In google search results my site shows up like this>category , I want to change it to .. how to do that, I'm using schema theme and this annoys me as hell, I've changed permalinks to , and still nothing changes.. By the...
  9. LoveMoney$

    Can't Share permalinks on my pages.

    I'm working on 10 pages and i was sharing permalinks from the last few days but now i can't share permalinks on 6 of my pages but 4 of them are still working fine. I have changed the account on the other 6 pages but still nothing. Need quick help
  10. R

    Unable to change permalinks!

    I'm unable to change permalinks in WordPress! Can anyone please tell me ways to fix the problem.
  11. baddrunk

    Renaming Permalinks

    I have a site, 6-7 months old, ranking for 80+ KW's. I want to go back through my posts and rename permalinks to clean them up. What's the overall effect of this - it essentially renames the URL too, correct? What happens with the current posts/pages that are ranking? Do I need to do manual...
  12. K

    Publishing Post without urls

    this is my first thread to blackhat world and i have a question that i was having from a long time but didn't get the justified awnsers for it is it possible to publish post without url on a worpress site ? or to publish a post , which's post url is same as homepage url (i.e. website url) ?
  13. B

    Word press sub do main perm alinks

    Hi there, So I acq uired this high C P C d ot co m dom ain which has a lot of back links through Go daddy expired do ma in auctions. As you probably know, the high C P C dom ains are all in the 'legal' category, as is this one. Now, from what I've seen in go ogle k ey- word to ol, the more...
  14. K

    Wordpress Help Needed - Changing theme - permalinks - SEO

    Lately wordpress have been giving me some trouble. I run 2 directory websites which I am constantly adding new content to each day, getting clients and ect. Both websites I started January 2013. The theme I am running is WP Local places which in my opinion is not very good. I want to change my...
  15. M

    All my WP links don't work anymore

    Been following the EXCELLENT guide to WP by Cashed. (can't link it) However, it seems to have broken all my permalinks. Can I get the site to work it out, or must I manually fix each one? (I changed to month/title, from the default)
  16. P

    Permalinks indexed by tag

    Hello to everyone, I'm having a recent problem with these permalinks. I started recently this website for 4-5 days and I checked now to see how my searches look like. For every post I get "domain name/tag/collapsed". So this permalink is for a tutorial name "Collapsed ? Post-Apocalyptic Book...
  17. Pixel Pirate

    Wordpress Permalinks Affecting Site Performance

    I cam across a blog post today about wordpress permalinks. It kind of surprised me because it told me the way I use permalinks on all of my blogs is negatively affecting the performance of my website. I usually use /%postname%/ as the custom structure URL. I see this structure recommended here...
  18. mrmidjam

    Wordpress Permalinks Question

    Hi guys, looking for some advice on permalinks. I'm creating a new image gallery site where the user will be able to download image packs, will be 140+ posts. These image packs all have and same name i.e graphics pack 1 graphics pack 2 graphics pack 3 I'm a little worried about the dupe urls...
  19. L

    How can I block a folder from WP custom permalinks?

    I have a WP blog installed in the root folder and I installed a separate PHP program in a new sub folder. When I go to activate the PHP program in the subfolder it comes up with a 404 error page not found because my WP custom permalinks are changing the filenames in my subfolder where the PHP...
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