paypal bank account

  1. T

    Paypal Linked Bank Accounts Limit?

    How can one bypass paypal's bank account limit? That is Paypal allows a Specific bank Account to be linked to a limited number of paypal accounts. After that you start getting this error "We're sorry, that bank is already linked to the maximum number of PayPal accounts" Even if you unlink that...
  2. puneetas3

    [WTB] US Paypal VBA - Payment by Paypal

    I want to buy a US VBA for paypal that can verify instantly. I tried seller on BHW and other forum (aspkin), but they seem to not accept paypal or need paypal payment as friends/family. My problem is I have a Paypal business account (my personal verified account 6-7 years old) which can't send...
  3. H

    Does PayPal support Payoneer ACH Again Now To Withdraw Money

    Some months ago PayPal did not support Payoneer ACH account to withdraw money from PayPal to Payoneer account. Does this issue fix now? Thanks
  4. A

    Paypal user scammed me, I have access to his account...What now?

    Long story short I purchased a laptop off of ebay, but wanted to avoid ebay fees so I could get a lower price and I paid directly through paypal. I received the laptop and it was damaged and not as described. I opened a dispute and the seller told me he would ship me about 100 dollars worth of...
  5. R

    Need Help on this

    I am a business person who has a lot of inventory. The problem is my dealers license doesn't allow us to go below a certain price point so I have to sit on this stuff. i need to know how I can open an Ebay account or other sites and make sure that the items I have cannot be traced back to me at...
  6. bewithme465

    Paypal india - help you this

    I just want to share this information with you all since i can't use this information for my business any more, due to negative points in this forum. so i decided to share this method for people who wants to purchase any products or service via Indian paypal accounts. We all knew due to RBI...
  7. C

    Need VCC for PayPal Verification

    Need VCC for PayPal Verification. tried few lately and none of them worked. please PM me if have something that work %100 --- if somene has and idea about how to get American paypal account without bank account pls PM me as well Tnx
  8. B

    Workaround for Indian Paypal Accounts

    Hi !! This is a quest to find a suitable workaround for Indian paypal accounts which will soon have major restrictions placed on them beginning 1st March. One of the threads I visited spoke of opening a US Bank account and a US paypal account to accept payments larger than USD 500 and then...
  9. Matt123

    Paypal method thats works great....

    OK so here goes. I know we all see questions over and over again about getting money out of paypal and getting verified. I my self have been looking into this to try to find a good answer to this problem and i think i have a great one that i have not seen posted anywhere. So first of all you...
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