Paypal user scammed me, I have access to his account...What now?


Mar 15, 2015
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Long story short I purchased a laptop off of ebay, but wanted to avoid ebay fees so I could get a lower price and I paid directly through paypal. I received the laptop and it was damaged and not as described. I opened a dispute and the seller told me he would ship me about 100 dollars worth of repair equipment and refund me 30 dollars. I stated this in the reason to withdrawal dispute and the seller refunded me my 30 bucks but is not going to ship the items. I know this because i also have access to two of his ebay accounts and messaged him and he opens them. Anyway I want my 100 dollars back which paypal isnt being very helpful about since I already disputed it once. His account has his SSN, address, phone number, email, and a bank account attached but its not verified so I cant "add money" to his account then buy a gift card or something. I just want to screw him over like he screwed me over. Thanks! Any suggestions on what to do would be nice
Next time pay the fees. Becuase you lost alot now. But you can always contact paypal
you should email paypal to let them know you have hacked a paypal account and tell them to refund your money or you will take it yourself..... wait 24hrs and see who knocks on your door
I'm not sure what country you are in but there is no way you want to use that info you have stated in your post if you are in the USA.

There are too many Federal agencies that you would piss off.
Wait, so why can't you open a dispute saying that you did not receive items as described or have done that in the first place?
Yeah I did that and the requirements he stated he would do were never completed.
I tried but paid through paypal balance and bank, bank stated I need to ship the laptop back and then wait 15 days for him to send refund and then id be able to file a chargeback but I'd only be refunded for two thirds of it cause I paid with balance too
Hit dispute from your account. When paypal will ask to respond on sellers account you can ask them to refund or don't respond at all for 10 days. they will automatically refund it back to you and will deduct the money from his account even if he has 0 balance. his account balance will go negative but i guess that not your problem.:) Problem Solved.
I don't want to sound too philosophical but if you were honest from the begining, you would have not had to face this. I learned that if your not honest in anything you do, you will always lose at the end of the day. So be grateful to what you have learned from this experience, and I hope it will bring about positive Change to your life!.
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