payment proccesor

  1. W

    Question about upsell on Clickbank and how it works

    Hello I recently start using Clickbank and I'm promoting few products. I got few sales in last weeks but some of my sales in last week got also some upsells. When I checked the transaction tab it says the user after purchase front end product, few minutes later he purchase a addicional...
  2. A

    ❇️ Verified Shopify Payment UK with First Payout Warranty !

    Are you looking to streamline your e-commerce operations with a trusted Shopify payment solution? Look no further! We are offering verified Shopify Payment UK accounts, complete with a first payout warranty, to ensure your business starts off smoothly and efficiently. Key Features: Verified...
  3. Jyotika Singh

    Looking to Hire: Third-Party Payment Processor for International Transactions

    Hey everyone, I’m facing some issues with PayPal and Stripe, as they have banned my accounts. I run a website based in India, and while I have crypto payments integrated, only about 20-25% of my customers prefer this method. The majority of my clients want to pay via debit or credit card. I...
  4. Z


    Hi Guys, I am searching for a high risk payment processor. I make around 100k each month. So if somebody knows a processor, hit me up
  5. MRDon7

    [JV] My payment gateways or processors + your business/sales

    Hi guys. I am looking for a jv partnership with 3 to 5 partners. I can provide gateways for legit digital products/services sellers only. Please send me information about your business via PM.
  6. L

    Seeking Advice on Getting Approved by a High-Risk Payment Processor

    I’m currently running a start-up escort directory website. I recently applied for a high-risk online payment processor, but got rejected because I don’t have any processing volume yet. I’ve got decent traffic coming in, especially with a forum redirecting users to my site. But without a...
  7. T

    Looking for a high risk payment gateway

    I've recently been restricted from Paypal and I'm looking for a high risk payment gateway/processor. Niche : iptv subscriptions Volume : $1000-5000/month
  8. Neo6070

    Facebook ad account

    So first, just want to say that this method is pretty much useless by now :poop:: I kind of "retired" since Jan and try to get back in the game but sadly, this is what I...
  9. K

    High risk payment processor

    I want to expand my network with Sweepstakes runners (ecom/emailing/SMS), I have designed over dozen designs of blank check out and set up payment processors, hope that we can exchange more information. Notes: I really interested in high daily volume individuals (6-7 figs monthly) to know more...
  10. B

    What is this Payment gateway ?

    Hello, can anyone here identify this payment processor? I tried to look inside the code of the site but I can't find anything. o_O or it's a fake payment processor ?
  11. S

    Adding A UK Additional User To Account?

    Would this be possible? I got a guy from the US to create an account, but I also want to be able to access the payouts so they come first to my bank account. Is it possible for me to add myself as an additional user (from the UK)
  12. V

    Payment Processor / Gateway for Replica Website

    Hello guys, i need payment solution for my replica website . Worked over year with paypal and stripe but both restricted my accounts. I recently opened USA LLC so i can apply for some processors only for USA . Could you suggest me some High Risk Payment Processors maybe or whichever payment...
  13. Snqke

    Payment Processor that Ignore DMCA ?

    Hello guys, i have website that share DMCA content and i'm planning to add some premium plan on my website and i'm searching for Payment Processor that don't share my informations is this list safe ? CCBill CoinPayments Epoch PayPal Robokassa SegPay Verotel Zombaio or...
  14. F

    Peerwallet fees

    for anyone who wants to use Peerwallet to collect payments, I thought I should give you a heads-up on their fees so you don't become startled like I did when I joined them. I received my 1st payment using their platform and the breakdown of the fees didn't tally. This what they sent but when I...
  15. W

    Paddle reject again my website request. This is happening with everyone?

    Paddle reject again my website request in order to start using their services. My website has nothing about risky. I have a SMM Panel selling social media marketing services and I just want to start receiving payments. They keep saying without any explanation and without any convincing reason...
  16. M

    Looking for crypto processors for recurring payments

    Hello every one! I read a lot from BHW but I can't find crypto merchant for recurring payments. I want to build a service with a subscription for the service with payment in crypto. Do you know such services?
  17. survivorghost

    I will rent your Stripe or [Long term]

    Hi guys. I use email and sms marketing to contact my list of donors, I have a list of millions of donors. and they come and donate on my website. But my problem is with payment processor, they closed my account because I don't have a business or a charity to accept donations. If you have a...
  18. survivorghost

    Payment processor for donations

    Hi guys, I need a payment processor (gateway) that allows me to accept donations even if I am not a charity or a nonprofit. just a normal LLC company. nothing like stripe, authorize, 2checkout and most of the know ones I tried alredy. Any suggestions please?
  19. Whaylee

    Payment processor ""

    Hello, I have been doing e-commerce for five years now and have been using Stripe as my payment processor during that time. However, recently Stripe has been closing accounts without warning and freezing all funds for 120 days, regardless of whether there are any disputes or not. They are...
  20. H

    Using a fiat ramp up as a payment processor for high risk merchants.

    I wonder if any of you have tried this maneuver and if it ever went as planned. Now as most of you know crypto isn't popular among people but credit cards are, fiat ramp ups let you use a credit card to theoretically buy crypto towards any type of wallet from anyone and lets say if you used a...
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