1. javadth

    q/ 1 site for 1 language or all languages in just 1 website?

    HI i wanted to create some parasites on I want to create some 3 4 pages for each keyword in all of languages , but imnot sure that I should create a single website for each of keywords in each languages or I can combine of all them in just one website ? or at least the...
  2. klesl

    Good parasites for 2021?

    Can anyone recommend good parasites for 2021? Do they still work well? Thinking about creating one and blasting with PBN links.
  3. sudhrana

    How I made $23k+ from a single Parasite.

    So before I start I just want to tell you that I am not gonna share which parasite I use and of course keyword too. What I will share? 1.Broad Niche 2. How did I start? 3. My Income 4. Strategy . Niche Education-related software . Strategy - if you will ask, Parasite still works? then I will...
  4. J

    Formidable pdf upload

    Okay I know How to upload normal pdfs , allwed file types What I wanna know how to upload in links like these? Formidable file uploads , I can Upload on some sites some times too but idk how to find the uploaded link.
  5. BradyX

    How to Rank a Medium Post In the Quickest Time?

    Hello! I want to rank an article on Medium The keyword competition is quiet high however there is already a Medium article for that keyword ranking on the first page Just want to know if there are any tricks for ranking medium parasites the fastest? I know many would suggest to get GSA but...
  6. G

    Good low-end SEO package / backlinks for parasite spam pages ?

    So I have a handful of parasite pages that are based around lower competition type keywords and they already rank decently well on their own, but to push them to the number one position is what I want to test them. What kind of seo packages/links would you guys recommend to just throw at stuff...
  7. Starblazer

    How to create pdf files for CPA?

    I've seen a lot of people posting thousands of pdfs everyday. It's impossible for a single person to make them. Either they are outsourcing for cheap price or using AI generator. The quality of text and gibberish suggests that the content is definitely AI generated. I tried using GPT-3 to...
  8. kumbhak11

    【 APNEWS Press Release Submission 】❤️ DA 90+ Do-Follow Contextual Link ❤️ Dominate Local SEO and Low Comp. Keywords❤️ Au...

    APNews Press Release Submission Service 10 Top Features and Benefits: 1) Domain Authority (DA) = 90+ 2) Domain Rating (DR) = 90+ (Ahrefs) 3) Do-Follow Link 4) Contextual Link 5) Currently ranking high for local SEO keywords (4-5 word long keywords, low competition) 6) Also ranks high for...
  9. AussieEarner

    [Journey] My trek to earn $100 USD a day stable

    Hello everyone, I am AussieEarner. My goal is to reach $100 USD a day net revenue (profit from any expenses), stable for at least 30 days (i.e. $3000 USD in a month). I have had days where I've made over $100 USD, most was about $160-180 USD in a day (which most was made in the space of a few...
  10. RooT-00

    How to index and rank a parasite for low/med competition [In Details] ?

    Hi there, I'm fairly new to parasite seo and I have a small question How to index a parasite? What kind of links should I send to it? Can you explain this in detail, please? Thanks
  11. JayDee1984

    Will parasite rank fast also with custom domain?

    Hi everybody, thanks for checking in, I read a lot about parasites and how they rank fast (shoutout for @Rachmaninoff and other members for sharing this info), and sometimes even outrank the money site for the same KW. my question is will parasite rank fast not only with the generic domain...
  12. D

    Best Parasites For Affiliate Marketing?

    What are the best Parasites for affiliate marketing with the following features: Doesn't get deleted easily. Gets indexed and ranks fast with little to no backlinks. Is free.. Thanks in advance.. :)
  13. the eyes

    How to create twitter as Parasite

    Hi, I saw some people create and rank by create twitter events. I try to research on google tutorial how to create twitter events but didn't find any tutorial. Any how to create twitter event. i saw some guy use this as parasite and rank link like this: thank
  14. Ed Roy

    How To Rank a Parasites in a Specific Country?

    I didn't ever try Parasites (as my blog is doing pretty good in tier 1 country). But as today, I found a juicy Keyword (Brazil Based), so I decided to work upon this Keyword and break my Parasites Virginity. Six out of the top 10 websites in the SERP has DA under 5, rest have under 15, and...
  15. HenryObi

    How Can You Monetize An Adult Parasite Page?

    I have a few adult parasite pages which I used for an experiment not too long, picking up on the search for considerably huge monthly searched keywords. Now, I haven't done any adult project in the past myself and I don't intend creating any website. So, I'd appreciate whatever tip you have...
  16. splashrahul977

    Trying to find an old Thread i read about Parasite SEO + Pinterest + Some Ahref Research

    I am trying to find a thread that I Read in here : That post was about how to search Pinterest link on Ahrefs and find these easy keywords for which Pinterest is ranking on Page 1. Please help me, I remember vividly it having some screenshots of Ahrefs or Semrush where interest is being...
  17. Starblazer

    [Case Study] Ranking a parasite for a high KD & high traffic keyword by reverse engineering Google algorithm

    When I was new to the SEO, I didn't bother much about backlinks or authority and continued to post helpful content in order to rank. Sometimes I've spent 3-4 days to research & write a single article. But, my pages rarely ranked and some trash pages from News or General niche sites used to...
  18. Olivia grace

    backlink profile for new site

    hi,i started new amazon affiliate review site 2 months ago. these days i'm doing backlinking. i read lot of thread in here and i got doubt. mainly i create backlink for inner pages with extract match keywords and lsi keywords as anchor text. i didn't create any backlink that points to home...
  19. Olivia grace

    parasite anchor text

    i'm going to try parasite to my new amazon review site. previously i tried medium with generated content and medium difficulty keyword. but it won't work well. so this time i'm going to try with low competitive keyword and unique human written article. my question is which text should i...
  20. LoverMarketing

    Which Parasite you suggest?

    I started working with parasites and I want to ask you. Which parasite in your opinion is much faster for index? I wrote on Medium and my post is indexed, but my opinion is Medium will fast delete the post. I tried on and I wait for results now. Does someone know how I can...
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