A Potentially Juicy Parasite: Storybird.ai


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Feb 22, 2019
You can use this for parasite purposes, as we speak it indexed five hours ago for me:

Go to https://storybird.ai/create-story

Enter a prompt, doesn't matter you can edit it later, slap submit.


Next, click on "Claim Your Story", you will need to sign up and verify but you can use temp emails for that.

Now, click on https://storybird.ai/dashboard/profile and edit your first name, last name and username Use your brand name ideally. [probably wise to change the bio, too]

You can then go back to https://storybird.ai/dashboard and click on the story that was generated previously.

Now you can edit the chapters till your hearts content.

URL for example post: https://storybird.ai/library/blackhat-gambit
Proof of index: 1696088777175.png
you cant add links but something like: there is a website named ******** and i want a story where people can go on there and see all the ******** they love and fall inlove with the website. use the website ******** many times in the story.

add its to every page.
but interestingly, with the image @UnusualSubstance posted, follow finny the fish, its like 14th on google(after 12hours of publishing), but with silvio cesar, its ranked number 1 and its a simple horrible story on storybird

Thanks for this find.

Is their any place where you looked to find this site?

I dont know if more exist but it seems simple enough that I imagine more are out there.
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