1. SecuredNet

    Forum vs blog parasite , which rank better

    Hello what is best forum or blog parasite seo, every niche
  2. N

    How are they doing this? Ranking almost Instantly

    Hello, everyone. Today I am going to share some stuff that will blow your mind. I am working from last 4-5 years in this live event niche and never saw this kind of work before. So, basically I work in live sports niche where I post my affiliate links into parasite website that is currently...
  3. S

    Parasite SEO and its use

    What is parasite SEO and where can it be used?
  4. Gebb

    Do you care for d.follow/nofollow ratio on parasites?

    Do you bother adding some nofollow link (like social signals or random nofollow backlinks) on your parasites or just shove as much d0follow as you can? I usually keep them very high and close to 100% on my properties and they still rank but I was just curious about other takes on that ratio.
  5. nerdblogger

    [JV] My Indexing Skills + Your Parasites Building Skills

    Hi there, I am able to index links within a few hours. Though, the only thing I am lacking is pushing hundreds of parasites at once. If you can create hundreds of parasites a day, hit me up. We will split 50-50.
  6. Spectra2000

    Best parasites for CPA?

    Hello guys, I want to know the best parasites for CPA, the ones that i am gonna post in, and they won't remove my post fast! I have been using Gumroad for a while, but i want some other ones! I have been testing with some parasites lately, but they are so bad, so if you have any parasites i...
  7. noellarkin

    Has Anyone Made Their Own Web 2.0 Network?

    For parasite linkbuilding, I mean. I'm not asking if you've made a PBN of tumblrs or blogs, I'm asking if you've made something like tumblr or, purely for the purpose of subdomain parasite linkbuilding. I've heard money robot did something of the sort, ie some sites...
  8. Lukmat


    I am rarely selling anything on BHW, except I have something cool, unique and gold nugget. THIS PRODUCT IS LIMITED IN SALES NUMBERS TO 15 PEOPLE TO NOT DESTROY THE LIST! Why to buy 50 backlinks for others and pay $200 if you can have for example 50 000 strong backlinks from me? The number is...
  9. castoro

    NEW and very original method!!! Parasite+affiliate links

    Yeah, I know, this not new nor original :D But it is kind of new to me, I've never used parasites. I was thinking of using a parasite like medium or google sites to promote affiliate links in my foreign language. I would concentrate on finding low competition keyword with buyer intent ad link...
  10. jellyjuice

    Google Ranking Glitch

    i dont understand with my website ranking, when i search with normal none of my website is rank but when i use ( google usa ) it shows my website is ranking on page 1 #4 p.s. it's a parasite from Microsoft ""...
  11. seo_alexa002

    Parasite SEO is Dead?? Tried GSA Blast & PBN Links , But Failed to Rank

    Parasite SEO is Dead?? Tried GSA Blast & PBN Links , But Failed to Rank I tried Powerful Parasites like Facebook Pages, GSA blast Quality Contextual links from SER Verified List . Almost 60% of Links are Indexed But Parasite is not ranking can anyone Suggest something that...
  12. noobSlayer360

    Does google crawler check if your content makes sence?

    Hey everyone! If I want to build a site wich only acts as a parasite to post backlinks to my moneysites and other parasites, can I just make up articles of random words, mix my own keywords into them and put my backlink in the article? Or does google actually in some way check if the article you...
  13. Starblazer

    Google is a slave of AI-generated content

    Google is getting worse day-by-day. Some people are ranking AI-generated content without any proofreading. They are completely relying on the stupidity of Google algorithm. I have seen several instances in the past, but a recent one is mind-blowing. If you have some knowledge of Clickbank...
  14. AmberJones

    130K unknown indexed pages?

    I just bought a new domain and put it on a search console and left it for 2 months but when I came back and checked, lo and behold its got 130k indexed links but not submitted in the sitemap. It even has a few thousand impressions and dozens of clicks to pages that the previous owner made and...
  15. ATuringtest

    [Journey] New Parasites project using 500 High DA Do follow backlinks to rank brand new Micro Niche site.

    You all know how I love my parasites So, this is a simple introduction to my journey. I bought a Micro Niche Site, should get it soon. I’m going to sift through the top parasite backlinking posts on here and find the best I can, hand craft them. Then maybe 3 tier them with GSA Ser. Share...
  16. javadth

    blogspot or wordpress ? which is better for parasite ?

    Hi I want to make a parasite website with spun and rotated content, which platform has better SEO ? i mean about ranking in google serp not about SEO features? which one has better authority in google ranking ?
  17. javadth

    is it possible to make a parasite with google app script or

    hi has anyone tried to make a parasite with ? or is it even possible?
  18. javadth

    any brazil parasites ?

    hi, I'm looking for Brazilian parasites, can you recommend me some of them or tell me how to find them?
  19. javadth

    any Japanese Parasite ?

    HI i need some Japanese Parasite if you know some please comment
  20. javadth

    how to access a cached version of the page

    HI I had some parasites in LinkedIn LinkedIn restricted my account and won't let me download that articles is there any way to access articles? is there any cached version of that article??
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