(Hidden Parasite) 98% People Dont Know (Works well After Google Update)


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Apr 10, 2020
most of the people has seen the decline of traffic after the Google core update...

and I have noticed that some big site like medium, Quora, are started to ranking...

but some underrated site you can use to rank your post..

in this tutorial will guide you through the process of using a site IndiBlogHub to rank your keyword.

If you don't know about Parasite seo than start with here...

Step 1: Understanding Parasite SEO

Parasite SEO involves utilizing high-authority websites to host your content and gain visibility on search engine results pages (SERPs). By leveraging the domain authority of established platforms, you can improve your own website's ranking for specific keywords.

Step 2: Exploring IndiBlogHub

I have discovered IndiBlogHub some years ago and using it to rank my keyword with this method ... most of the people use this site for Parasite seo ..

But This things you have to follow ...

i follow this metrics to rank my keyword with Parasite SEO.

Keyword Difficulty 0-35
Traffic >100

How to use...

It just like medium.. you have to fill your details and verify your email address to complete the registration process.

Next Go to the article section.. and open chatgpt in your next tap.. generate a article and post your article there by adding your links..


Done... and wait for the post to index on google...

if it takes time you can share post links to social media which helps your post to index it...

Step 3: Optimizing for SEO

Before submitting your article , optimize it for SEO. Include relevant meta tags, headers, and internal links to improve its visibility on search engines. Additionally, ensure that your target keyword is strategically placed throughout the content.

2nd method...

Open Quora and create a space... Next open chatgpt and write an article and publish with the same process...

Share your Quora space article links to your social media...


you can follow this steps outlined in this tutorial to effectively utilize this hidden SEO strategy and boost your online presence with some other Parasite like medium.. Facebook pages..

At the end..

Please comment some other Parasite which works well like indibloghub, Quora...

Have a nice day..
just discovered a new Parasite.. Upload your article as a PDf... https://fliphtml5.com/

I will add more underrated Parasite here..

Have a nice day..

Happy blogging
Good tips and will try once. But how long does it take to index?
Its a india site, Google is yet to rollout its update for foreign language and regional searchs. Buts its coming to the neighborhood near you soon.
why can you explain?

Parasites will always lose power. I've been taking advantage of them for close to a decade now. Either Google figures out what's going on or the site owners do. I mean, look at the numbers for Microsoft's feedback portal the past few months.
Using this parasite for my first try with parasite seo as its a free option. Posted an article for a low comp best ____ keyword in a non english language (small market). I have a site sitting at 5th place for the keyword and have linked from the parasite to my article to see if I can drive traffic if it ranks. Sent to indexer that usually takes a few days. Will see what happens.

Thanks for the idea
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