1. Tony Fiasco

    Hire an Experienced Instagram DM Service for Performance Marketing (Weed/Cannabis Niche)

    Hello to everyone, My name is Tony and I am working with the owner of a licensed grower and seller of medical weed based in Los Angeles, California. We are currently searching for a highly skilled and experienced individual to assist us with performance marketing. The primary focus for you...
  2. S

    If you wanted to hire a few people, what would you like them to do?

    If you wanted to hire a few people to do your affiliate merketing work, what would you like them to do for you? Budget? Do not think it as a problem. Just be creative. Have fun!!
  3. Uzii

    Where Should I Look To Find Trustworthy Employees?

    Hey all, I'm in a situation similar to probably many of you, I have a project where I'm working with large quantities of sensitive info (credentials, limited client info, etc.) used for something similar to social media management, and my project has been starting to take off. My problem is that...
  4. ryanbrosas

    Road to 500$ per week

    Hello guys and gals, I decided to post here about my current journey. Well, to introduce myself I started here in BHW last July 2019 knowing nothing about anything aside photoshopping my face and other faces, My start here is a big blast! all of the member here is hands-on teaching you to earn...
  5. T

    How to outsource everything and anything like a boss without going broke

    This was shared by Gabriel Machuret inside inside his group and this is what he does: Hiring a VA I only hire via Facebook . Facebook allows me to see peoples profiles. I hire people with human profiles, not profiles only created to apply for jobs. This means, I’m looking at the things they...
  6. ccpro

    Google Project in Bulgaria is hiring 100+ English and/or Dutch speakers (EU residents only)

    Job ID / Title: G Suite Business Applications Consultant with English and/or Dutch Job Category: IT Helpdesk Services City: Sofia (Bulgaria) Job Description: Google is seeking a motivated and passionate person to join us as a G Suite Business Application Consultant. The G Suite Business...
  7. Visual Eagle

    Outsourcing from Fiverr at its best :D

    Was just browsing some reddit and look what I found in the confession section.
  8. SocialManager

    Virtual Assistant Services by SocialManager - Monthly Subscription

    Virtual Assistant Services by SocialManager Designed for established companies and businesses who need quality over quantity. Everything I do is completed manually by myself, so keep that in mind when you set your expectations. This is not a spamming service. Price is likely to increase for...
  9. Heiko

    When your starting a new project.... Do you outsource everything or do the work yourself?

    Hello everyone... Sometimes i've been kinda struggling to keep up with my projects and i was wondering... for those that already have some startup capital, and some sucessful projects. How do you go about new projects? Do you set up the plan, and outsource everything or do you do the dirty work...
  10. clickwhale

    "Hands Free" = We'll Manage Your Site's Entire Content! Writing AND Publishing! (Starting $49/month)

    ................................................ Terms & Conditions We only manage content on self-hosted Wordpress blogs. So that means no Drupal, Shopify, or any custom CMS based websites. Ideally, we'd install the Thrive Architect plugin on your blog. This speeds up (and beautifies)...
  11. spiritfly

    How to Approach This Project and How Much Would it Cost?

    I'm thinking about building a PBN Manager software for private usage with the possibility to open it up as SaaS. The best example I've came accross is a software called ExecPBN which is too expensive. I have some knowledge in php and development in general. I don't mind spending time to...
  12. S

    [Journey] $50,000/year ($136/day) before 2018 Ends

    *** Overview *** This thread is simply created to motivate others as well as keeping track of what I'm doing. However, it'll focus on investments and researches instead of doing actual work. If you're planning on doing business, you can't do everything by yourself, can you? *** Background ***...
  13. MagyarMoney

    Hello there!

    Good Evening. I have been viewing this site for far too long, and figured I should make the first step and put myself out there. A bit about me: I was born and raised in the UK. And I now remotely manage a customer care line for a UK country whilst living the expat life in Hungary. I also...
  14. goodgoofsxd

    Critique my email PT2

    Hello again I took what everyone said in the last post into consideration and was very thankful Here is a heavily improved version but I'm sure some of you still will have critiques for it which I appreciate! Below is my cold email to business's who have a shitty IG page and I am offering a...
  15. J

    Starting digital marketing company-- looking to outsource

    Recently I decided to drop out of college and become an entrepreneur. I was a chem e major with high grades but decided it wasn't for me. I randomly stumbled upon an idea involving online education earlier this summer and after talking to a few school officials decided that it is worth it to...
  16. tunnypop

    Marketers please help us to outsource your products more

    I am pleading to all marketers in the house to please provide alternative methods to buy their products. Some of us want to outsource more products here but are let down by the fact that Paypal is the only payment gateways most of you uses. Paypal is not available for all, especially some of us...
  17. A

    How to start freelancing

    I am full time employee as a presentation designer, but I would like to start freelancing. Please suggest where can I find those who outsource designing jobs. I have extensive knowledge of creative softwares like PPT, InDesign, Illustrator, Photoshop, Premiere Pro and After effects, and 5 years...
  18. D

    5K Publishing Paydays - Make a living by selling E-Books. [LEAKED]

    Hello BHW, I wanna give back to the community so I bought this course and now I'm giving it to you for free. Enjoy! Phase 2 and 3 are coming soon. Phase 1: - Intro - - How to Come Up with Book Ideas - - How to Find a Profitable Keyword - - Kindle Spy - - How to Asses Your...
  19. B

    My Own Outsourcing Office In Pakistan ( All Reliable )

    Hey Admins, Please delete thread.
  20. L

    Anyone have an outsourcable marketing plan that make predictable roi?

    I'm talking about outsourcing your sales process. For example, Hire someone to write you an article, create you a webinar, and manage a social media page/share the article all over. And have them do this everyday. 2 hours writing the article, 3 hours making the webinar, and 3 hours selling the...
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