on page metrics

  1. J

    What are the Key Features required for a Landing Page?

    Can anyone share your opinion on key features that are encourages visitors to take actions.
  2. seoabmgeek

    Why is structured data important for SEO?

    What is structured data and What will you do with structured data?
  3. seoabmgeek

    What is Map Tree & Link juice in SEO?

    Hi Friends !! What is Map Tree & Link juice in SEO? Please suggest detailed about Map Tree importance in SEO.
  4. seoabmgeek

    Do nofollow backlinks help?

    As I said in the title, I'm confusing if nofollow backlinks are helping to improve my website position on SERP or not? I mean, google bot will not follow the link if it was place with a nofollow meta-script. But does that mean those links will not help at all?
  5. Rank wizard Ltd

    Does well-optimized 'Meta Description' still work?

    It had been long since Google denied counting 'meta description' as a ranking factor anymore. Most SEOs stopped putting keywords forcefully right after then. But do you guys find optimizing meta description with keywords helpful anymore? Or does it even help to boost the CTR of contents?
  6. ErossplayLa

    Need advice for eCommerce On page optimization

    I have a category products page than i need to optimize. Brand name CalExotics and for the same brand i have other 2 keywords as well: California Exotic Novelties / California Exotics. I made seo link page: CalExotics-California-Exotic-Novelties, in order to go for both keywords optimization...
  7. B

    Placement drops every weekend

    9-5 company, mostly a b2b website. Has global reach but majority of traffic is North American. The average difference between mobile rankings on Friday to Monday are a drop of 2 positions. The average difference between desktop rankings on Friday to Monday are a drop of 5 positions. Seems...