offline seo

  1. OiOiOi

    Pics of My New BlackHat Office

    Don't laugh I am buying a new desk this weekend. For Naps When SEO gets too tiring Just moved into a beautiful new office. I have made all my money from offline SEO, but I am trying to move into regular IM at the moment. Offline has been real good to me though. My best productivity tip...
  2. OiOiOi

    Some Important and Practical Lessons Learned From My Success in Offline SEO

    So I have been pretty successful with offline SEO thanks a lot to blackhat world. I figured I would try to give back and share a couple pointers I have regarding offline SEO for local clients and how to get new business. Respond To Clients Right Away! You can do a bad job and still keep a...
  3. B

    Offline SEO - Outsource to BHW

    So guys, I'm a bit new around here but I have spent countless hours reading stuff and learning and testing things on my own sites and using trial softwares and that sort of thing. I have read a couple of posts regarding searching for offline clients to do SEO work on their sites for them and...
  4. iluvvegas

    Offline~seo~how much are you making per month & how many clients do you have?

    Hello, I was just curious how much are you OFFLINE MARKETING GURU's are making per month and how many clients do you have...??? Also wats the average you charge each client...???? thanks :)
  5. g111k

    WebCEO vs IBP for Offline SEO Services?

    Please help to decide between the two! After doing a lot of SEO the ghetto way, I'd like to take on more offline clients... and for this I need to look more professional, as well as organize shit more efficiently. As far as I know WebCEO and IBP are the 2 products dominating this market... The...
  6. L

    Offline Consulting Idea

    I know the offline niche is super hot right now. But I think one of the main problems that consultants may have is actually providing live examples of websites and services. So I'm wondering if any BHW members would be willing to have their websites used by those starting their offline...
  7. L

    Offline SEO Services - Responses Coming In

    First off, I apologize if I have not selected the proper category for this post; If it belongs in another section here on BWH, then mods please move it... Here's my issue.. I recently put up some ads over on Craigslist in my area offering SEO services to small local businesses and in the last...
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