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Feb 22, 2009
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First off, I apologize if I have not selected the proper category for this post; If it belongs in another section here on BWH, then mods please move it...

Here's my issue..

I recently put up some ads over on Craigslist in my area offering SEO services to small local businesses and in the last 24 hours, have received a few possible leads...HOWEVER, out of the dozen or so responses I got, about 4 of them look like duplicates...

Meaning, each response that was sent said the same thing..which was:

"are your services still available"

After replying to the first few I got, I'm starting to wonder if somehow I'm being taken for a ride? I mean, what are the possibilities that the very same question would be asked by more then one person..and i'm talking 'verbatem'...

Thoughts/opinions are welcomed as I need to know if I should even respond to those emails in question.

[EDIT]: Looks like these emails were simply emails being sent in order to initiate an 'autoresponder', as the responses all said the same thing, which was:

"...Thanks for messaging me back so quick. I just moved out to the area and I recently met a few people who have had a tough time finding work. Hopefully it goes better for you on your job hunt than mine has. I did meet a man named Jeff who said he was getting help just for applying for jobs. He has a blog that shows how he has got out of debt you should check it out. Last month I got $845 just for trying to find a job. Check out"

Oh well! Guess I'll just have to keep my chin up and hope that a REAL BUSINESS will reply to my ads! ;-)
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Try other networking/classified sites too, craiglist is a spam whole
Wow...Im now planning responding to hundreds of these ads on craigslist...I already have a concept planned...thank you for posting this! you know you can use that info and do the same to other people who list on cl.
hahha thats pretty funny - yeah alot of people respond to ads to get you into they're auto-responder because the average joe doesn't know better

No worries offering seo to local business can be highly profitable as I do it myself you just have to convey the value and show them it is a good investment
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