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  1. javadth

    Q/ how to design my header menu ?

    hi currently, my header menu is the same as my category menu, i have one header menu and one sidebar category list category list included subcategories and header menu just includes main categories both menus are f0ll0w, Are there any Instructions to design and sort the header menu?
  2. M

    Linkedin article backlink - what's your option?

    Hi! So, lately I have been wondering about Linkedin. There are many linkedin articles and I have some questions. My 2 biggest observation points You can place the link there - it's not tagged as no-follow in the source Linkedin articles are normaly indexed in google and you can see them as a...
  3. A

    Which Pages Should I No Follow On My Site

    I am trying to get traffic to my website and after going through multiple agencies with out any success and burning loads of money I have decided to do it myself. So now I am on a journey to learn about the world of SEO. I have millions of questions but I will start with one. Q. Should I "No...
  4. A

    Competitor blocking our page follows?

    Does anyone know of any tools that would allow a competing Instagram page to block our Instagram page from growing? A friend just told me there's a no-follow through block that our competitor has put on our account which is throttling our growth - does anyone know about this?
  5. R

    Need to Delete No-Follow Links from SiteJot

    I have hundreds of active no-follow links to SiteJot and I need to delete their connection to my website. Has anyone here had any luck with that? Rick E.
  6. E

    Are there different formats for posting backlinks?

    So I know the typical format of using: ( sorry, I cannot post the example since it's a link and im new). But Its like: it has a href then link then >keyword< and <a> mark. But what if you just add a link without that html code? Like this: Sorry, I cannot post a link since I'm new, but what Im...
  7. M

    take advantage of no follow backlinks?

    I can post my articles to sites that drive thousands of visitors to the article posted but if they dont click on the link they dont get to my website so its kind of useless, also the links are no follow, is there any way to take advantage of this or its completely useless?
  8. yukinara88

    [ASK] No Follow link

    Hello, Black Hat World.. I'm newbie here and so do my SEO experience that's why i decide to join this forum for making progress on my website. It would be glad if anyone could help me.. Here is my question: The site i run right now is having trouble to showing up on google page and i though...
  9. A

    no follow links

    I want to know something about linkbuilding. When i making relevant blog comments link.then mostly blogs are nofollow, its hard to get relevant do follow blog comments. I heard that nofollow linkbuilding is also have importance in improve SERP. Can you people please explain how ********...
  10. Techxan

    Simple way to get your site indexed.

    Have a friend (or use a proxy and a separate account) go to Yahoo answers and ask a leading question about the site subject matter. Answer the question and leave a link to the site in your answer. Example: You are putting up a site for a local restaurant. Ask the question: "Where can I get...
  11. Z

    no follow and masking

    Hello all, I mask a number of my affiliate links so make them look pretty so a user doesnt see domainname/aff=34324456dre9r or some crazy code but instead it sees domainname/go/iphonelink or something where that go code is redirected to the aff link. I have always wondered if I should no...
  12. frankiespars

    What is the difference between "Do Follow" and "No Follow"...?

    I really don't know exactly what is "Do Follow" thingy and the "No Follow"....... Can somebody explain these to me. Thanks.....
  13. T

    Help please! Is no follow blog commenting do good?

    Hi, I am a newbie for seo, and really learnt a lot from this great blackhatworld. thank you. Now I got a question puzzled, if we build up links from blogs by commenting and leave key word as anchor text, they are all relevant to the key word, but they are no follow tags, it would help the good...
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