niche ideas

  1. Xyox

    List of all Google Trends categories

    Not sure if it has been posted before, here's a hierarchical list of all Google Trends categories/sub-categories taken directly from their website. I think when you're looking for a niche idea it's useful to skim through the list, you may find an interesting idea you didn't think of.
  2. pepekobasa

    Got a free domain! Please help me with niche selection hehe!

    So I had a free domain from hostarmada since they have free domain and free moving of sites. So guys, what niche do you think is good that will bring money to my bank account. What on my mind is: - Cycling (since I am biking around my country) - Household cleaning (Basic knowledge that everyone...
  3. sayan162

    Easy way to find some new niches

    If you have no idea about any niches then here is very easy way to find it Just head over to flippa Top 20 fastest growing online categories right now You will see many top unique niche ideas like today i found one related to bird cage selling and other wool products. Just don't be super...
  4. crissdinesh

    Top 9 Blog Niches for 2020 [Income School]

    Hello bloggers, Here's the list of Niche blog ideas for 2020 by Income School. Make use of it: 1. Cosplay 2. Off-roading 3. Scuba 4. Grant writing 5. Roof rack tent camping 6. Smoking meat 7. Portable solar power 8. 3D printer 9. Test prep sites Thanks.
  5. ksk71119

    [Guide] Niche Ideas and Selection

    Niche selection! How well do you think you do that? Yeah, everyone talks about amassing profits from sites but what is really the most important step is selecting a niche. Everyone finds it difficult because your whole plan is based on that. If you select a difficult niche to proceed...
  6. D

    [Tutorial] How to Find Profitable Niches & Keywords!

    Ultimate Guide for finding niches and profitable keywords From internet marketing forums, blogs, and my contacts on social media one issue has certainly come to light over recent months, marketers of all levels would like some valuable insight on the niche finding process and how to pick...
  7. M

    2 niche ideas

    Hey guys,<br> <br> I am a noob nooby noob noob but i decided to try it out i wanted to make a niche site and slap adsence<br> on it and i came up with 2 niche ideas but becouse i think these ideas are lame and worthless i will share them with you XD. So the first niche....<br> <br> 1. A...
  8. bocahonline

    Simple Method to Research Niche Suggestion for Amazon, Google, Ebay and More

    Hi there :D i just found tool to research niche suggestion easily. *Jump start your marketing niche research *Brainstorm niche ideas using a custom database based on buying trends *One-click follow up for more detailed research in Google, Amazon, Ebay, and more check this for details...
  9. K

    Keyword Elite How accurate is..?

    here goes, using the program section *search engine dominator* after ive searched for a keyword, it gives me a option to check the the competition strength, how accurate do you think that is? Is there a better way to find out how hard it would be to dominate a niche or just even a certain...
  10. G

    Niche Horde - Marketing Genius or Black Hat at its Finest?

    Have any of you seen Jonathan Leger's new product Niche Horde? It is a niche keyword product. I love how all of the new internet marketing products produced today include the word "niche" in there title. That is a hint to you IM product developers. Niche equals gold. The funny thing is...
  11. G

    Niche Research Site

    Hello everyone I am not sure it will be of any use to you guys or not however I created a mash of some google insight gadgets, yahoo answers, technorati, twitter, youtube. Topped it off with pulling google trends data into this mash... I understand its not for...
  12. ch8878

    What do I need to find the right niche to make good money ?

    I would like to get some ideas on how to pick the right niche, I have my own ideas but would like some more ideas from others. Does it have to have small advertiser competition, and around how many searches are good from smallest to highest, or can it be a big niche, and rank good for a...
  13. dynander

    Nico list of "Websites To Get Niche Ideas"

    I just found this pdf in my hd. I think it is from 30 day challange, but not sure Enjoy 1. 2. Be a Guide Topics 3. A to Z list 4. Alexa Top 500...
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