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  1. SEODominar

    ⚡⚡AI-Powered Starter Sites⚡⚡Only $50✅! 100 Posts ✅, SEO, and More! ⏭

    Step Into the Future with Advanced AI-Powered Websites! Hello Everyone ! We're bringing the power of AI to your fingertips with our state-of-the-art starter websites. With a focus on professional design, SEO, and engaging content, our sites are the foundation for your online venture. Choose...
  2. donnieadm

    How many visits/month for a niche website worth the work?

    Hey guys! I have a niche website based in Brazil, written in Portuguese. I don't feel that my English is good enough to write articles for the US market, so I chose to write in my native language. Besides, this is my first niche site built with a focus on SEO. The problem is that my niche...
  3. RealDaddy

    ✔️✔️ FREE Sample List ‍❤️❤️ THOUSANDS of Low DR - High Traffic Sites LIST ✅ Find JUICY Untapped Niches & Keywords FAST

  4. artur core

    Should i scale my Niche?

    Hey Friends. I have a small project which gives me headache from time to time, maybe you guys can help me out. I write every now and then on a technology blog when I have time and desire. The blog earns almost nothing (5$ per month / adsense) and I lost more and more interest in the blog or the...
  5. abdelhake

    [JV] My SEO Skills and Niche Sites Building experience + Your Writing skills = Successful Niche Website

    Looking for someone who is passionate about building a joint website. Building and flipping websites has been my hobby for many years, and I have a Portfolio with a good number of websites that work very well. I am looking for someone who is able to write in English well and would like to work...
  6. Guybrushthepirate

    Back to Adsense... Auto Ads o should I look for the best ads placement?

    Hi everyone, back in 2010 and up to 2018 I've been running a few blogs, which I've monetized mostly with AdSense. At that time (especially at the beginning) I was experimenting a lot with ads placements, but never manager to get a higher CTR of 4%. I know that things have changed a lot since...
  7. B

    How to get relevant Niches for my SEO

    Hi everyone, I'm new here and looking to get relevant niches related to education and ammunition. How do I search them on google or other search engines? Kindly help me please.
  8. SocialTuber

    How can I find the best niche for my website in a non-saturated niche?

    How can I find the the best niche in the competitive market we are currently in. And how many keyword results should I ideally look for. Thanks for sharing!
  9. BlueCatServices

    [Blogging Journey] My First Niche Site Adventure Begins - Goal: $2k within a year

    Just launched my first niche website yesterday! I have high expectations on it, based on researches and analysis made so far. The Website Created the website from scratch in a couple of days, using Webflow. I work as web designer/developer freelance so it was very straightforward. One thing I...
  10. A

    New business

    Hi folks, it's time for a new adventure for me. I'm a member of a Facebook group. We have every day the same questions : where can I make a PCR test ? Where can I find a cab ? Etc. I joked with a moderator of the group, "you know what ? I will scrape all questions, all answers, make a website...
  11. akunbajak

    [Journey] Creating a Niche Site that earn $500/month

    Hello everyone, due to corona, I have been thinking to make a niche website Due to real life issue, I stopped doing IM for 5 Years. Now everything changed Google using AI for their search, new core update every 6 month, etc I was using Blogger on my IM, which is popular in my country. Since...
  12. Didou

    How to find the right niche for display ads?

    Hello everyone Even after watching so many youtube videos, I'm still struggling in finding a niche for display ads. So, if you guys don't mind sharing with me your tactics, what are your secret tips that you guys use to find the right niche for display ads, please?
  13. pepekobasa

    Is Video Game Niche is YMYL?

    Hello guys, I have been thinking if video game niche for blogging a YMYL. Is it?
  14. Soranozori

    [Journey] Building a Niche Website with Amazon Affiliate and AdSense

    Wassup, I'm posting this journey primarily to have a place to organize my thoughts and look back at my progress. Here we go. The Goal: - Have an "authority site" in my niche and monetize the traffic with Amazon Affiliate and AdSense - Traffic will be organic/free at first (SEO, Social Media)...
  15. TheArtMound

    Best Niche For The Newbie Blogger In 2020

    Please Attend Poll , We Need Some Expert opnion
  16. Troppo

    Rank KW that is not in Google Kw Planner

    Hi I am interested in building some nich / micro niche sites. I was lookin for cheat and hack niche but I noticed that anything with cheat or hack is not listed in Google keyword planner. But was looking on spyfu and search volume was there. Now my question is it possible to Rank keywords with...
  17. RealDaddy

    [Video] How to start a niche website? [Guide]

    Hey BHW, Found this great video on youtube. I have watched it all in one sitting. Check it out. Thanks. @Dwivedi 98
  18. virusmilkyway

    Niche Website Business Model (Passive Income Guide) - No Need To Sell Anything.

    Guys this is my first time here. I'm mostly active on other forums. I thought to create a post here in the blogging category (as I'm in niche website business model) and answer some common questions. Before I begin, I'm sorry if this isn't the right platform or way to post a guide here. I will...
  19. Hints404

    Some advice needed regarding blogging

    Hello blackhatters, Im a dev so i'm building sites using a static site generator like hugo and jekkyll. Im also practicing writing ( i'm actually just spinning content to get 65% uniqueness using edubirdie's plagiarism checker) and i hope to get some sort of advertising revenue. Im planning 40...
  20. Hamza Hashim

    Most profitable niches...

    Top 10 Best Selling, High Paying Niches To Follow. 1. Fitness and Weight Loss 2. Health 3. Dating and Relationships 4. Pets 5. Self-Improvement 6. Wealth Building Through Investing 7. Make Money on the Internet 8. Beauty Treatments 9. Gadgets and Technology 10. Personal Finance Here...
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