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  1. WPAutoGuy

    Create self-updating news sites in any niche | Newsomatic WordPress Plugin & NewsomaticAPI

    Welcome, Check this All-Inclusive WordPress Plugin which will create Auto-Updating News Sites in Any Niche! (for maximum epicness: play "Queen - We Are The Champions" in the background, while reading this thread) Details: API requests included: 500 API calls/day If you need more API calls...
  2. I

    How to Beat Large Authoritative News Sites

    Hi guys, i'm currently working on growing a relatively old (2 year-old) semi authority site ( low 30s DR PR) on the educational/school niche. However, a lot of the keywords is already taken by highly authoritative news sites (high 60-70s DR PR) with hundreds of thousands (or even millions) of...
  3. bloggerzone02

    GUEST POSTING EXCELLENCE: High Authority Sites | Real Sites | High Traffic | High Quality Backlinks

  4. Meerakat

    [GUIDE] Creating the ultimate AUTOMATED blog site (Any niche)

    Note: This guide is only for WordPress What is this guide about? In this tutorial, I'll give a step-by-step explanation on how you can create your own automated blog by fetching content from other sites and also automatically rewriting them with the help of a plugin. Requirements: A...
  5. Fxgima

    Think to build micro news site

    Actually I want to start a micro news site ( Macro - All News | Micro - Only football news ) But I don't have knowledge about the news site. Can you suggest any thread, guide about that?
  6. rikzy Jezuli

    need help: Building Links for a Google News Site With 0 Backlinks. Dear Link Building Experts,

    Hi, I have a site that is Google news approved site that has zero backlinks. I have some knowledge about link building for a niche site. But I guess news sites are different so it requires a new strategy. The site has 32 Published posts and recently hired a full-time journalist who will be...
  7. manolo12399

    Looking for people that really like Football (Soccer) to write daily post-Malaysia-Chinese-Laos

    Looking for Native Laos people, Chinese people and Malayan. 1)1 person that really like Football (Soccer) to write daily post in your native language, work on social and work together with a team to SEO, following instructions. A freelance is needed, but need to have time to work fulltime, this...
  8. G

    Google News Site Approved, needs serious SEO help.

    Hi everyone, I manage a news site in Spanish, we target US Hispanics, and we cover celebrity news. We've been around for six years and have been in Google News for the past two years. However, our SEO is non-existent. We have tried everything, we have links from sites like Wikipedia and...
  9. F

    I need to set a autonews blog with wordpress can someone help?!

    So I have this site : allready and I want to ask how I can get automatic post on it and without stay everyday and post . I have allready a source that has RSS but couldnt make it working properlly. The plugin that I used is RSS agregator. After I set up it show in my dashboard like...
  10. N

    Domain name suggestion for news blog

    Guys, im hoping to start new news website (wordpress). need to find good domain name for that. can you give me good suggestion for this ? short name with .com domain. Note : if this thread start in wrong place please route this to correct section. Thank you..
  11. everydayimhustling

    Someone with PR connection to get tons of companies press

    HI, I need someone who can get my clients published. Im looking for a long term relationship . I have a fast growing company which helps other companies get press online.. do you have connections with big news sites? maybe you know a few editors ? Please PM me if you can help. We can negotiate...
  12. T

    Need Help on SEO For News Portal

    Hello I would like to know what all can we do to bring a news portal website top in search engines. How to do link building ? and how to bring keywords in top ranking n all. Kindly please guide me
  13. B

    Friends ! Need Help to Start a News Website

    Hi, All BHW members, This is my first thread here. I am interested to start a news website and a bought domain also. I need your suggestions to built solid authority site, later I will monetize it with adsense. Is there some informative threads here that can help me with following-...
  14. H

    HuciQ journey with BTB method - beginning of the road to....

    Introduction Hello. My name is Damian. I want to start this journey because i (just now when i writing this i get my first lead:D!) can not be obstinate. I get bored easily. I trying IM few times but i don't have experienced on the end at all. I have a offline job. Im a geologist. Have...
  15. A

    Native English journal writer writer required for Google News Listed Site

    Please read my terms carefully. Let's make it simple. I have a Google News Approved website which needs writers. To start with, I'll need 5 breaking news articles (250-350 words) a day! This will go on for a month, and you will get a chance to be a permanent member of the team, hence...
  16. darkportrait

    GET PUBLISHED: Editorial Links on Top Ranking News/Media/Magazine Sites. (Approved)

  17. D

    My Journey to a News site that makes $xx,xxx per month!

    Alright, so to start this journey off, a bit about me. I have been doing IM full time for the last 5 years or so and have a few different revenue streams set up. I went from MFA sites, to different black hat methods to now have a few reliable income streams. Now I want to make a huge...
  18. Kuz32

    DA 100 Sites - Elite Article Posting Service – Globally Recognized News/TV/Magazine Brands

    MODERATOR NOTE: Per the announcement I made on July 17, 2015, I am now closing this thread. After the OP has renewed his/her Jr. VIP membership, he/she may contact a moderator to re-open this thread. Thank You - "Wiz" Grab huge authority links to your site on some of the biggest web properties...
  19. R

    I need someone to update / repair my wordpress site

    I have a site that uses WPRobot to gather rss feeds & images for news articles, but the images don't display, and the RSS feeds are just snippets (not full articles) I need someone experienced with WPRobot who can fix it.
  20. go4eto

    Copyright question: Is distributing news with iframe legal?

    Is distributing news with iframe legal? The idea is to use iframe to show news from other website on my page, people will be able to see the whole page and everything, but they will stay on my website. Is that copyright legal? Anybody can give me more info? Thanks
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