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  1. prizas

    Newbie ready to dive into Blogging. Need encourage and help!

    Hello BHW community! Almost 2 years as a member this is my first post. Before I get into the point of my post I want to thank every member of the community that contributed and share knowledge with me these 2 years. This knowledge sharing is the reason I took some decisions some time ago and I...
  2. Bhaskar125

    I have an Idea, Need Expert Suggestions.

    I have created a new blog after working very hard.:p Working Very Hard because I'm too lazy. I was thinking that I would write novels, stories, and poems of great writers in this blog. For this, I have selected two options. The first option is I will post those...
  3. cubitly

    Can I Work On Indian Traffic Keywords On A .UK.NET Extension domain?

    Hello guys, I got adsense approved on a expired domain which has some quality backlinks. I have never worked on a niche other than Indian I don't have experience in UK/US keywords. I would be very grateful if someone can tell me if there is any problem targeting indian traffic keywords...
  4. Dmyles

    Is it possible to improve DA without backlinks?

    Hello everyone, Is it possible to improve DA without backlinks? If yes, then tell me how?
  5. B

    I Just Launched My New Blog And Need Your Help!

    So I created my new blog and put the finishing touches on it today. Here Is The Latest Blog Post: Let me know any criticism or tips for improving the site :)
  6. Greengolegend

    Blogging or a real website?

    Hi awesome people from BHW, I have a question to you all, i actually want to make a real website instead of a blog. In my opinion, blogs are overdone. There are to many and i also have no idea what i should write all the time. Especially in the niche i would make my normal website. I also...
  7. R

    Do I need aged accounts?

    I started a new Tumblr blog a few weeks ago primarily for boosting the blog for my authority website/brand. Used a fairly new gmail account to create it, and hadn't posted any links or spam. Auto posted 10 times a day via RSS + IFTTT after a week of 2-3 posts a day. Had 400-500 followers...
  8. A

    So I Started a Music Blog

    On October 14, 2014 I started my own blog. At first I had no clue about where the blog was heading (I know this is a mistake, now), but eventually I realized I should write about what I'm passionate about, not just high C P C content. So I love music, listening, reading about it, artists and the...
  9. O

    Changing the IM Industry 1 vid at a time!

    Below is a short breakdown. I want to use this thread as a place to update my progress and receive feedback from the community. I plan to make a new video each day (M-F) for the next when ever. If video #365 comes around, that would be dope! but we will see. I'm not focused on the money, I'm...
  10. N

    Blog/Website for keyword without competition

    Hello everyone! This is my first message in this wonderful website. I have been reading a lot and, since I am a complete newbie, and I think I still need some (or several) advices, if you don't mind. (Sorry for my English, I am not native) The thing is that my brother is about to finish a book...
  11. B

    Hello everybody !

    Hi everyone. I'm using a forum for the first time and I hope I'll learn a lot from BHW community members. I'm here to represent our startup Blueware ST that develops Mobile Applications and Websites.
  12. malas

    2013 Link Building Step by Step

    Anyone would like to share a link building guide for a newbie like me, and also for others who will stumble upon in this post. Actually I ve been doing SEO before but its pretty basic and my present SEO knowledge doesnt working anymore. I am afraid to do it again as I have some blogs slapped and...
  13. S

    Hi I am new here and looking for tips

    Hello, I am new here and wanted to introduce myself. I just started my new website with the goal of having it become an affiliate site for sports and outdoor. But right now it feels more like a blog. I signed up with Amazon Affiliates so I have that going, but the big outdoor retailers have...
  14. A

    Review my blog & tell me whats the next step for it please!

    During the spring I spent some time coding a theme for my Wordpress blog and now i have no direction in which to go with it. It is a HipHop/Electronic music blog. I had some traffic before the summer hit but once students where off campus the sites traffic hit rock bottom and I kinda just gave...
  15. L

    Please Help: Link Building for 50 days Old Site

    I have 50 days old website, I am going slow with building backlinks. Site Info: Currently I have not ranked for any keyword 3 websites posted about my site on their blogs and I am getting 200 to 300 referral hits a day I am promoting my site on social networking sites like Facebook...
  16. F

    Hi there, I'm here

    Hi everyone, Just launched new forex trading site. I am a professional trader and author of six trading books, but new to the whole area of internet marketing. Hope to get some info here on "the best practices" how to increase traffic and build membership base.
  17. D

    [HELP] What niche is this?

    I do all the Search Engine Optimization work myself, I have license for sick submitter (it is awesome for the discounted price) I just need to know if this site would be considered an adult site which may make the Search Engine Optimization tactics a little different. And there is no nudity on...
  18. A

    I have just start a new blog.(How can i get good trafiic)

    Hi, fellows I have recently start a new blog, actually i have no idea to get larger traffic and get handsome money form adsense. Is any body there to help me. Regards. Audionic
  19. P

    Your opinion on my first autoblog

    First of all i'm using to distribute my blogs automatically, this cuts hosting out of the equation all sets intervals allows multiple blogging portal websites and much more, you enter multiple rss feeds and blog logins and it does the rest...anyways here's the blog...
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