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Do I need aged accounts?

Discussion in 'Tumblr' started by RexSaptor, Jan 16, 2017.

  1. RexSaptor

    RexSaptor Newbie

    Jan 19, 2016
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    I started a new Tumblr blog a few weeks ago primarily for boosting the blog for my authority website/brand.
    Used a fairly new gmail account to create it, and hadn't posted any links or spam.

    Auto posted 10 times a day via RSS + IFTTT after a week of 2-3 posts a day.
    Had 400-500 followers after 2 weeks.

    After about 3 weeks the account had a post start to go viral, it had 7500 notes in the first 24 hours and gained about 900 new followers. The next day when I checked the account was banned.

    I haven't received any info on why the account was banned after contacting Tumblr a week ago. I suspect somebody reported a post of mine.

    So I am starting from scratch in same niche and want to reduce the risk of another ban.

    Should I use an aged account?
    Would registering an old domain with a new account be worth my time?
    Does using a Yahoo account make a difference?