1. sageshark

    [Journey] Scaling a Tumblr Blog / Website from Scratch

    Hi Friends, I recently asked a question about Tumblr in BHW but did not get response from the community - may be not many people are using Tumblr. However I think it can be a great platform for micro blogging. I have used Tumblr in the past but I used to autopost in it via a wordpress plugin. So...
  2. sageshark

    [Need Advice] Raising a Tumblr Blog with Custom Domain

    Hello Friends, I was planning to run an experiment with Tumblr. I wanted to run a blog on Tumblr in a niche of my choice. But I wanted to map a custom url to that blog. This is going to be an experiment for me so I wanted to know if anybody has done this in the past? Will it be a good idea to...
  3. D

    How to get started with Tumblr in 2022 ✅

    Despite Tumblr losing much of it's popularity over the years, there is still a good amount of money to be made there. Last April alone Tumblr had over 284,000,000 visits. Today I'm gonna teach YOU how to monetize those visits and grow your own Tumblr blog from zero. LET'S GO! -> Step 1...
  4. X

    Growing an account from 0 on Tumblr

    Do you guys buy shoutouts on Tumblr? I post landscape photography, and for a Tumblr account with 0 followers, it's hard to get reach. Each photo gets 1 - 2 Note at best.
  5. J

    Looking to start niche adult site again.

    Many years ago when I was a teenager I started a journey to making income using tumblr! I was using a script (WP script) to make a niche porn site. and I was using juicy ads and plugrush I was using a bot from BHW to automatically post to multiple tumblr accounts. . I eventually stopped...
  6. noellarkin

    Has Anyone Made Their Own Web 2.0 Network?

    For parasite linkbuilding, I mean. I'm not asking if you've made a PBN of tumblrs or wordpress.com blogs, I'm asking if you've made something like tumblr or wordpress.com, purely for the purpose of subdomain parasite linkbuilding. I've heard money robot did something of the sort, ie some sites...
  7. FrankShade#9293

    is there still a profit in making tons of content in tumblr ?

    i didn't try to make profit on tumblr before . Now i can make advanced scripts that make images for me , is there a future in uploading them in tumblr ? even if i'm not drawing anything by myself and it's all automated ?
  8. deedee1whoa

    How soon will Tumblr get closed?

    We've seen quite a few platforms just die down & then officially get closed. In your opinion, when will it finally happen for Tumblr?
  9. deedee1whoa

    Tumblr ripper alternative

    Used to be a great free software until a year ago (or so) when it stopped working & the developer quit updating it. Does anyone have an alternative? Something that's not on github or other complicated ways to use... Something as simple as that Tumblr ripper, just install the .exe & you're...
  10. U

    Tumblr is my playground.

    I can automate almost any web site, and Tumblr, it always been my playground. Their UI is pretty simple and easy to automate. In my experience, trying to grow a tumblr account is useless. For me it's a Churn & Burn Scheme. Create accounts at $0 cost. Proxies at $0 cost or REALLY cheap. The same...
  11. P

    How to check Tumblr SERP quickly?

    How would I check up on how a Tumblr account using the .tumblr subdomain (no custom domain name) is ranking? Everything I know of just gives the results of Tumblr, or other unrelated stats. I need to know how it ranks for all keywords at a glance, if there is a way to do this.
  12. adconsult

    Any Tumblr success stories?

    I guess it's a 2-part question 1) Back when Tumblr reigned supreme in the micro-blogging world, what did you do to gain traffic for you brand/business? 2) Have you tried replicating your strategy on another platform? Interested to find out what worked because I've never gave Tumblr much...

    redirect tumblr post to homepage?

    How to redirect expired tumblr post to homepage? any methods? Thank you

    Can Tumblr posts still Rank ?

    Hey Today i found a expired tumblr blog : PA 30 DA 24 DR11 Can tumblr posts rank for low competition keywords or it is dead. are anyone have experience regarding this? Thank you
  15. LeftyLuke

    What HTML code is used to mark a Tumblr as explicit?

    This hack don't work no more: https://piunikaweb.com/2018/12/19/a-simple-html-hack-lets-you-circumvent-tumblr-adult-content-ban-but-theres-a-caveat/ Anybody has a working solution in 2021?
  16. LeftyLuke

    TUMBLR app traffic in Analytics, is this possible?

    Ive set up a UA-id to track traffic on my web 2.0, I was wondering though if I can also track app traffic in Google analytics? Most users are on mobile and on the app I assume.
  17. keithdu45

    Tumblr niche change after purchase. Risks?

    Hi, Do you know if Tumblr ban accounts that are suddenly changing their niche? Would it be risky to buy an aged account with many real followers, delete all posts, and start a new blog from there? (New IP, New username, new URL, new niche)
  18. SeedPhrase

    Any free tool or script to check Tumblr domain availability??

    anybody knows Any free tool or script to check Tumblr domain availability??:)
  19. mnkassier

    Expired Tumblr backlinks question

    I found some expired tumblrs which have pa40+ and made some backlinks with some of them to my money site. Although they have picked up by Google within days I don't see them in moz tool and I don't see any ranking change with these backlinks. What am I missing here? Do I have to wait or Do I...
  20. M

    Twitter hashtag rules

    So to save time with building up my social accounts i have linked my tumblr and instagram to my twitter account. When i post an image to tumblr and instagram it auto posts to twitter. Now tumblr supports upto 50 hashtags and i generally use about 30. When tumblr auto posts to twitter im worried...
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