need help


    NEED YOUR HELP - Crowd / Swarm Intelligence Experiment

    Please read this until the end, I need your help for an interesting experiment. A few months ago my brother and I had a discussion about swarm intelligence in humans. I just remembered our discussion and thought it would be a cool experiment to try here. On the internet are plenty of videos...
  2. blackhatpr

    Need help with Adult Content Digital Presence

    Hello All, An old client of mine has approached me to manage their digital presence(web + seo ). I have almost zero experience in this. Before accepting this job. Can someone point me in the direction where to start? What are the challenges faced? I don't even know where to begin SEO for...
  3. L

    Document editing, Fiver, and how I wasted a year of effort in this cesspool.

    Hello, everyone! My name is Oleksandr and I would like to ask for help from those who care. More than a year ago, I posted a request for help with the Fiverr freelance platform on the forum, and I would like to thank everyone who responded. It helped me earn some money, albeit a small amount...
  4. Iamdrseo

    Need Help! How can I secure my commercial Wp Plugin.

    Hello, I made a wp plugin. The problem we are having currently is we can't encrypt and sell, Wordpress doesn't allow encryption, I am wondering how elementor and other players in the field is making thier way arround? Please suggest some ways. We have tried everything we could but there is...
  5. Danny Crypto

    DIrect Connections With The Largest CBD Oil manufacturers - How Can I Monetize This, Need Your Suggestions!

    Already working as an affiliate marketer for them but what else I can do to increase the revenue because I have a really good connection with them. I don't want to over use that connection, I want some methods where me and that party be happy af as always. The more sales will bring the happiness...
  6. sageshark

    [Need Advice] Using 'Free', 'Download' in Domain Name is a Good Idea in 2023?

    Hi, I am planning to launch a site for graphic designers / web designers where they will be able to download free icons and graphics. I have got around 1200+ unique icons designed by my in house graphic designer for this. I was wondering if I shall register a domain name that has the words...
  7. afyie

    Need a few Advice for Real State website from someone who has experience in the same Niche

    I am about close a 3 months SEO for a real-estate website which is pretty old but no form of SEO was done on it and has negligible ranks. They are planning to re build the website and i have to take care of the SEO Part. i have had experience in working on ecommerce , Finance, legal and other...
  8. T


    Hi guys first time righting a blog post!!!! :p First of all thanks fore reading! Little about my self here, i am a student (studying law) my biggest hobby right now is front end web developer. Yea it's a hobby, i really don't know how to describe it i started to learn like 3 months, and it's...
  9. Goro333

    Duplicate Content Question

    Hello BHW Peeps, I have a journey that is failing miserably since Google's last big update (end of May, 2022). All of my keyword ranking has been erased, zero clicks from Google. Around 500 articles. My question and issue. Let's say that I have a category of articles around windshield...
  10. N

    Need help finding what phone is in the picture

    Hello , I tried to search and ask a lot of people about this phone in the picture but couldn't find it . So if anybody can please help me . I know the resolution isn't that good but maybe someone could know it .
  11. S

    The Case Study of How I Messed Up Expired Domains [Need Help]

    I have bought an expired domain at the beginning of June. The domain was still ranking for ~150 keywords in Google and before it had like 9-10k keywords with about 10k traffic. So I bought this domain, and firstly just restored the site from webarchive. Semrush instantly started showing more...
  12. richardzh

    HELP! Can someone please kindly help me with these questions?

    Hello, I am a new player in SEO. Recently I have watched some youtube videos about SEO and link building, I have some questions, and please help me out, thank you, 1, is web 2.0 still working in 2022? I know the index may be a problem with web2.0, if I can solve the index problem, is it still...
  13. Iamdrseo

    Any Indian Here? Non-INR transactions (getting this error on SPP.CO)

    Hello, I heard a lot about SPP, Just getting started from today. But I am stuck at the stripe setting here. I have done all the configurations and my Stripe account is a year old and fully verified. I've checked the Internation Export option. screenshot: , Also turned...
  14. D

    anyone can give me any referral link of any banking app which i can make account and make some $$ i really need for free earning apps

    anyone can give me any referral link of any banking app which i can make account and make some $$ i really need for free earning apps
  15. Toz

    Strange Wordpress Issue

    Guys, I'm having a bit of a complication right now that I didn't even know I was having. I was on the phone with someone and asked them to take a look at an article I'd written on my website. The article shows up just fine for me, however, when the person I was speaking with, looked at my...
  16. M

    [CPA] Need Help ! for fake hack crack game generator, free resources method?

    Hello Guys, I am doing fake hack crack game genrator method but I am not able to genrate traffic for my genrators, please suggest me some best traffic source or method to get traffic for this kind of landing pages thank you
  17. jameshbond

    Trying to make money with CPA

    Hello friends I am doing CPA marketing since last 3 months I have read many posts about CPA marketing in this forum. And worked on lot of methods but none of them worked for me please my bhw family members help me and guide me how I can make money with cpa
  18. M

    I need to send emails to my clients how can i do that?? help me.

    Hello BHW family hope you are all doing well. I have a question guys if anyone can help me that would be great. So i have a lot clients and there email is domain email like @test. com like that so they don't use gmail, yahoo, hotmail or any other platforms. So i tried a lot of platforms to send...
  19. megaMind007

    what would be the best way to open US Bank Account & Credit Card For A Non Resident (Without SSN)

    Hi, i want to open a US Bank Account & Credit Card As Non-Resident to receive my payment from different companies like amazon payment and others. I know a lot of entrepreneurs have already done this in serval ways, can you suggest me what should be the right way to do or pm me if anyone offers...
  20. Salman Saleem

    Company setup in USA

    Greetings, Hey guys can anyone help me out [Require guidance] I am planning to start an Amazon store from my savings as a learning experiment To start, I have to set up a company in the USA [paypal and amazon banned from my country] (What is the difference btw LLC vs. C corp) The best secure...
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