1. sindelwins

    Native Advertising Course

    Hi everyone! I was wondering if you could suggest a good native advertising course? Something worth the bucks $$! :eek:
  2. Harnur

    [ My Journey] How i made $27,078/month on Native Ads

    My Journey timeline How I made... $100/day [10 November 2019] $7100/month [30 July 2020] $19,180/month [1st December 2020] $35,823/month [7th February 2021] $54,000/month [6th April 2021] $77,382/month [1st August 2021] Journey to $682,000 in 2021 [1st Jan - 31st Dec 2021] $100/day (on...
  3. adflex

    AdFlex | The Advanced Ad Intelligence Tool | FOR FREE!

    FAQ How do I register? Simply visit Under “sign up”, register using your email. Done! How can I see Facebook ads about affiliate networks? You can select the affiliate network you're looking for in the "Marketing" category and find ads that are sending traffic to that network...
  4. seo_alexa002

    Anyone into Propeller ? s2s Integration with Bemob Tracker??

    Hello I'm Confused with s2s Integration with Bemob Tracker

    Ad networks - do you work with them?

    Hey guys! Were wondering if you work with advertising networks? How do you know if it's a good one?
  6. T

    Six Difficult Affiliate Marketing Questions

    What sources of traffic do you use? What means of payment do you use to cashout from the affiliate network? What cards do you link to your accounts? What niches do you direct traffic to? On which GEOs? How much was ROI in the last week?
  7. Q

    Best native platform for Forex/cfd marketing?

    Hi all, What's the best native platform for Forex trading? mainly UK, and GCC I'm using PropellerAds right now and not getting good traffic unfortunately
  8. Meerakat

    DIRT CHEAP Rewriting Service – Native American, High Quality, Fast TAT, Excellent Customer Support – Get your Copy Today!

    Instantly engage your readers, increase your sales, create a regular flow of qualified traffic, and convert your audience into faithful buyers faster and easier than you ever thought possible. When a visitor lands on your website, on average they will read 20 to 28 percent of your copy, and...
  9. biitz

    University Level Writing For a Fraction of the Cost | Royalty Free Images | Yoast Optimized

    Greetings BHW, To begin with a short introduction, my name is Blitz. I grew up in the US and I have been writing for as long as I can remember. I attended university in Canada for journalism and even though that was a few years ago, I will always be trying to hone my writing and research...
  10. R

    look for a native english speaker

    Hello, I need someone who are ready to answer more than 1k questions in english like this : find error : wrong word : documents :
  11. vedeus

    [HIRING] Need Native English Copywriter (Long-term projects)

    Hi, I'm kicking off the eCommerce website so there will be always a lot of demand for content. I have also some secondary projects and I want to work with a copywriter on the long-term. Who I'm looking for? Native is a must! Reliability and having fun writing :) Your work? Product...
  12. The Optimist

    ✪ THE OPTIMIST CONTENT SERVICE ✪ Get optimized contents ✪ starts at $3 ( Yoast SEO passed)

  13. Sanjuwa

    How to identify native English content

    As my mother tongue isn't English, I face lots of trouble in writing and outsourcing native English content. If anyone can point out how to identify native English writers' content it's highly appreciated.
  14. Animation_Videos

    Question regarding taboola...

    So i applied for taboola and everything went out okay and they asked to deposit via paypal.. but as i tried to deposit via paypal, the fees were crazy high on taboola, for $3000 deposit, i had to pay over $130 fee and they said i had to pay this fee everytime i deposit.. so paypal deposit wasnt...
  15. Marcus Wills

    Need a English native negotiator

    Hi, I have some issues with American, Canadian and Australian news publications, I need a person who will be able to speak with editors and admins of the website administration, I will provide you with all the information about the project and what you need to do. You should have access to the...
  16. ad149

    Universal Cross-Platform/ One Programming Language for all Devices

    Hey, Flutter 1.5 just got showcased in the latest Google I/O conference and it is a breakthrough event in all of development history. Born as an alternative Cross-Platform language for iOS and Android, one code works natively for both of platforms, even though in beta phase it beat React Native...
  17. Harnur

    What TYPE of Affiliate offers CONVERTs best in Native Advertisement(Outbrain, Taboola) ?

    I am looking to invest in native ads, but there are soo many products to choose from and not to's difficult to get a targetted audience in native ads. So, what kind of affiliate offers shud I promote in the native advertisement?
  18. P


    Hi Everyone, Is there any free Spy tool for spying facebook and/or native ads?! If there is, please write it down in the comment section..! Thanks...
  19. FUmoney


    I used to run campaigns on MGID several years ago and recently fired up a campaign but their traffic seems to be shit. I'm currently getting a 2% click through on my landing page. Mind you, this landing page is getting around 25% click through running on other platforms. Anyone else notice...
  20. C

    New to BHW - Expert in Native ( Taboola / Outbrain )

    Hi there, I've been a long time lurker of BHW but never made an account. Exicited to start now ! I'd like to connect with people who are interested in running traffic on social and native. I have a lot of experience with everything Native, especially Taboola and Outbrain and I'm looking to...
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