1. xspider1

    Need Dice Dreams Game Mod (Unlimited Coins) Updated.

    Hi, I need Dice Dreams Games Unlimited Coin Mod version. I have one but that was backdated, I need the working updated version. If that's working properly. Good tip are waiting for you
  2. Chiku Arsen

    It's URGENT ...How can I contact an Admin or mod here???

    If anyone can please mention a mod or admin I can talk to in private chats.
  3. KJREDDY247@

    One of my Post Got Deleted here on BHW by MOD, does it add any negative value to my profile?

    Just now one of my posts got deleted by a MOD. I got a notification that my post was deleted does it mean I will get some negative effect on my BHW profile? If I could have got a warning message I could have deleted myself but I don't know it was deleted directly, Does something like this...
  4. B

    why can't i make post here

    Why can't i make post here ?
  5. Web Nike

    How to start getting sale via using market place what is the process?

    What is the process to get sale through BHW.. I'm planning to buy Jr vip account. Now next what the process. I'm top rated seller on freelance network. but i don't have any idea about BHW.. Please MODs or other top bhw sellers help me. to set up my business here.
  6. cobaltblue87

    Sales Thread Support

    Trying to obtain support for my sales thread. Have contacted the support email, PM to mod, and used the support link at the bottom. Is anyone home? Who is the best person to contact?
  7. Youngguru

    USA Based Vape E-Liquid Manufacturer Seeking Help Driving Sales

    Hello everyone, I am currently finishing up 4 websites (3 e-liquids and 1 everything vape/accesories) I can provide names of the sites in PM if you are interested. I am based out of New York, all our liquids are manufactured at the highest level with the cleanest formula on the market and we...
  8. K

    eBay Supplier TREVOR64 (SCAM artist) Skype name: RENEVOR12

    Hey guys, anyone who has done or is thinking about doing business with the user (TREVOR64) DON'T. A couple of individuals warned us noobs that he might be a Farris Banter who was previously banned and created a new account. He of course pleaded his case and even had a couple of people vouch for...
  9. ArmineZ

    Best way to contact the moderators and get a reply within 48 hours?

    Has anyone had success with PMing the mods and actually getting a reply. I've sent out a few PMs (some were very important) and nothing. Any other way? Has anyone had success, if so, please share your story :)
  10. B

    [XRumer Modding] XAS - what is it for

    Hey Guys, So I've decided to start doing some modding tutorials / guides. XRumer has been very frustrating to learn, and unless you're willing to put in some work - even these tuts won't help you. But with a little bit of work you'll be modding in no time. XAS (as well as XAS_AI) are the...
  11. M

    Deploying SEO Friendly URLs Using Mod_Rewrite on a Legacy Site

    I am looking into deploying a mod_rewrite/seo-friendly url strategy on my legacy websites, but was wondering if there were any tips to the conversion? I understand the technology, but applying to legacy urls AND preserving link juice may be tricky. I am planning on 1. Using 301 redirects to...
  12. Couch Monkey Media

    Forum Updates I would like to see

    After being on BHW for some time now, and seeing the different post that are made by spammers. BHW has to bring on new mods to help which i think is great. Why not do this. This is what I would like to see changed. Make every new member that joins pay 9.95 to join. BHW is worth that if not...
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