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Couch Monkey Media

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Nov 8, 2009
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After being on BHW for some time now, and seeing the different post that are made by spammers.

BHW has to bring on new mods to help which i think is great.

Why not do this. This is what I would like to see changed.

Make every new member that joins pay 9.95 to join. BHW is worth that if not more. So this would help cut down on the bots that are just setting up accounts and making stupid post. Plus it would give a little extra income to BHW to grow.

Then I would have everyone start with a rep of 0 and not 10

If someone is not willing to pay 10 bucks to join then they might not really need to be here anyways.

Good point but 9.95 won't block the spammers... Sandboxing the spammers will! ;)
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