micro niche site

  1. AllenTom

    [[ Adsense / Ezoic ]] Ready Micro Niche Website Just $25 !!

    Get Adsense / Ezoic Approval with Micro Niche Site Why Micro Niche Sites? Low Competition High Conversion Rates Use CPA Offers for Extra Revenue Few Backlinks dripping can help in Ranking Integrate Amazon Ads Low Cost Easy to Maintain Major Niche Categories We Target Outdoor Recreation |...
  2. l971788

    small journey to $5 a day with MNS

    i'm not gonna lie, i ain't got a clue what i'm doin'. decided to make a journey to make myself motivated to actually take action, and most importantly! to get advice from you guys. i got spare time on my hands so lets go. i've been researching and reading this forum for a while, but i am still a...
  3. kdash


    Basically I've been on the fence for way too long, following numerous journey here on bhw on making niche/micro niche sites rank and bank them. I realized that I need to take action even if I'm not perfect or don't really have any practical experience on a lot of things. I will be creating a...
  4. Stonersky

    A Noobs Micro Niche Site Journey

    About me: I am a 19 years old guy from Germany who wants to learn more about SEO. As you can read in the title Im completly new to that topic. In the past I made some decent money with Instagram + CPA but I just blindly spamed there and now I want to keep moving forward. My main goal is to...
  5. 007

    Back to IM, Help needed please

    I did have a website related to make money online long time ago, made some money but later on when google updated their algorithm, most of pages of my website de-indexed , I did not continue, now I have some time and I intend to start having website/s and make some money as affiliate again, but...
  6. wealthcracker

    Micro Niche Site Skype Group

    Hello Everyone I want to team up and build a Micro Niche Site skype group not more than 10 people. Its going to be a super hyperactive group of 10 people. The idea is quite simple together we will build site/sites, rank it and then flip it on site like flippa or put adsense/affiliate offer/sell...
  7. wealthcracker

    Micro Niche Site

    Looking for Micro Niche Site Expert.
  8. S

    20€ with a micro niche site on page 2?

    Hey guys, do you think it's possible to earn 20€/month with a micro niche site ranking on page 2 or worse?
  9. S

    Micro Niche Site- Journey

    Hi Experts, I'm actually new to this forum. I have $100 to start money making. After reading some forums here, i started to create a Micro Niche Site. Process-1: Bought a 5 Main keyword and 25 Long tail keywords. Each main keyword having 1000+ US Monthly Searches and $1+ CPC. Each LSI...
  10. wealthcracker

    Looking for Micro Niche

    I am looking for micro niche site expert who can design a site with complete on page SEO. Complete web design + articles + complete on page SEO
  11. Jiung

    [Split Test] Journey with Micro Niche Adsense Websites

    Yo BHW Community! I've been just a lurker here and there, trying out different methods and tactics and what not. From looking at sales threads here, I've wanted to try out something. There are a few people selling "Keywords" and few people selling "Websites" Keywords are generally cheaper...
  12. N

    Micro Niche Sites to $10 a day.

    Hi BHW members, $10 a day is my intial goal for Micro Niche Sites Im working on. I started to know about IM 3 years ago and on and off since then and have only made a few pennies. Now its time for me to put serious effort into this and become financial independent as per my dream. This thread...
  13. h3llr8zr

    6 Week Old Website Algorythm Penalized?

    Hello mates, I think my website got penalized by googles algorythm because of no organic traffic since I created the website 6 weeks ago. I've set up a micro niche website and did some linkbuilding after that. It was a decent amount of blog comments and social shares. Now there are two...
  14. jiggin

    Question about mini / micro Niche sites

    If these things produce as described, why don't the creating sellers just make 100's of these sites and coast through life and not worry about making sites for others for a few hundred bucks? Are these legit or what? I keep seeing random users posting success stories or screepshots from...
  15. Designerdude13

    How would you all rank a micro niche site?

    I bought a Micro Niche Site a month ago, and it's not ranking at all. I even wrote 5 articles to add to the site because content is key. I've shared the site to social platforms like Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube, etc., but nothing. What I've been doing lately is finding websites via Google News...
  16. C

    *****Make Some Extra Bucks From Adsense/Amazon by creating Micro Niche Sites*****

  17. X

    [Journey] Micro Niche Sties - Really Worth it?!

    Micro Niche Sites - Really Worth It? Introduction: I saw a lot of journeys about Micro Niche Sites, So I wanted to check if it's really worth it. I'm going to share with you every step that i'm going to do. I have an organized plan, I'm going to share with you. Let's Start. Total Budget : $200...
  18. robbang

    New Micro niche site dancing in serp

    Hi there, I just started my first micro niche site yesterday (Yay! So excited :-)). The only thing I've done is adding one article I've written myself, and one article I've ordered from Fiverr, which is great btw, and I've Facebook liked, Google pluse one:ed, linked in:ed and so on the website...
  19. T

    How much for this?

    I've the kewwords, and i have the domain. How much i can spend to make a MNS.? I need: 1 x Site SetUp ( Privacy page, meta etc..) 1x Professional Theme (Adsense friendly) 4 x unique articles 1 x Professional SEO Service (1st page in google ) What is the right price?
  20. A

    Are these terms any good for micro niche sites?

    Hey. I was using the Adwords tool and chucked in a few terms based on how often people think about it. Out of the five that I put in, two had LOW COMPETITION, roughly four MILLION global searches, over a million LOCAL searches and a CPC of $6.00 So my question is: are the two words that had...
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