1. Dmyles

    [DISCUSSION] Metrics for guest blogging?

    Hello everyone. What are the metrics you'll check when you pick a blog for guest posting?
  2. opencube

    Spam and SEO

    Indulge my noobishness for a moment, while we look together through some summary reports : So we have here a coupla content-heavy, user-oriented sites and for comparison the web's most notoriously spammy piece of useless shit. What do we notice? Actual sites have PA > DA. SEOspamsites...
  3. S

    Evaluating Metrics for PBN

    Hi there, black hat gurus Im setting up a small pbn - 10 to 20 blogs - and im on that phase that we need to evaluate the domains we are deciding to invest on. My goal here is to find only domains with the extension of my country. But I need a bit of help from you. I know we need to check the...
  4. callmemaximillian

    Is a website worth for Backlinks?

    Got a question for Scrapebox users: After you gather a url list(for ex. 20 000) - how to you filter/determine if website worth to put Backlink on (according to metrics)? Do you use only ScrapeBox addon? What tools are useful for bulk url check?
  5. Myst3ry

    What do you think about Moz DA 2.0

    What do you think guys about the updated version of the Moz Domain Authority? Is it important now?
  6. Myst3ry

    Overall Homepage Metrics for Ranking Inner Pages

    I have a site with 50 keyword targeted articles. It requires a lot of effort and money to make backlinks to each article. My question is will increasing the metrics of the site increase the possibility for ranking the inner pages? Current metrics: DA-21 PA-34 CF-33 TF-30
  7. Myst3ry

    Does the backlinks on posts increase metrics on whole site?

    This makes me a little confused.
  8. kn1ves

    [Guide] Why Metrics Like DA/TF Are Misleading And How to Gauge A Link's Value Properly

    I am tired of seeing people open threads like "My site's DA is 40 but I am getting outranked by a DA 12 site what do I do?" First off, if you do SEO and solely rely on third-party metrics, you have a recipe for disaster. Metrics are useful for pointing you in the right direction, but that's...
  9. Nana Dada

    Are my Instagram engagement metrics any good?

    Hi guys, I am running a web service intended for bulk generation of content for social media. Several days ago I created an Instagram account to showcase my content to the people and get some feedback. On average, each of my posts receives about 30 likes and brings me 5 new followers within...
  10. PeterPerseo

    Any tool (paid) to check TF, CF, PA, DA, RD?

    I know about Netpeak, but it need to buy separate API from Ahrefs and Majestic. I'm looking a single tool that can check all that data at once, does anyone know if it exists? Thanks
  11. PandaBusters

    Black Hat Efficiency Index needed

    Black Hat Efficiency Index for Better, Less Competitive, Higher Return, Trending Keywords needed. Higher Yandex, fewer out-bound-links (the last two means more authority URL's with more do-follows likely), high demand (number of look-ups in 24 hour period), trending upward (linear regression...
  12. Adslytic

    [Giveaway] Moz/Majestic/Social Metrics Competition Reports

    Hi all, Here is an interesting giveaway of your website report and up to 5 selected by your competitors. A report will have: - Your website metrics - up to 5 selected competitors metrics (competitors metrics will be given in tables) Metrics are: - Moz PA - Moz DA - MozRank - MozTrust - Moz...
  13. TWdesigns69

    Good tumblr metrics

    Hi am new to expired tumblr account building amd i want to know what kind of metrics should i look for. and what free tools do u use to check these metrics? i tried mozrank but it only showed pa and mozrank. i have registered two accs so far. one is pa 31 with 78 backlinks. and another is pa 35...
  14. R

    Root Domain Vs Subdomain Metrics

    I'm confused about the different metrics given for the root domain and subdomain in Majestic. I read somewhere that the root domain includes the domain and any subdomains. That would mean that the subdomain metrics are included in those of the root domain. If that's the case then how is it that...
  15. ThatWeb20Guy

    [GIVEAWAY] Trust Flow 10 expired tumblr blogs

    I'm giving away expired tumblr blogs of trust flow 10 or higher to anyone with above 100 posts. To qualify you just need to have 100 forum posts and reply to the thread and I will PM you the blog to register. Limit 30 blogs to 30 people, one each.
  16. ergoprime

    How to Increase DA/TF/PA the Cheap Way

    Hi, I am working on an experiment and would like to test if it's possible to increase the most popular metrics with relative spammy backlinks and without de-indexing a site from Google. Can anyone recommend a handful of cheap services that will increase DA/TF/PA from 1 to about 20? I don't...
  17. bdooley930

    Any Willingness to share Non-Sensitive Data?

    Two Questions - Is anyone will to share their data? Not your method or any of your good stuff, just this is the company I am using and this is the results I see. For example, I was using Ad-center and here are some results, doesnt say much on it`s own but combined with more data it could be...
  18. Juan Antoniez

    Instagram Metrics Reporting. Recommendations?

    Hey! I offer FollowLiker services to clients and I need to report monthly performance (new followers, etc). At the moment I'm making a semi-manual report but it is too time consuming. Which service would you recommend to automate this? I know there are a lot of Instagram Metrics Apps but they...
  19. minhftw

    What is more important: higher reach or higher impressions?

    Hi BHW, A coworker and I were disagreeing on which is more important: having a higher reach or having higher impressions. I couldn't find any good answers on the internet, so I decided to start here in the BHW community. I (and I'm sure most) would appreciate all oyour thoughts, theory, and...
  20. dennyfar

    Trust Flow of my blog

    Hello, please tell me I want to Up the tf of my homepage blog into 20+ or 30+. Please anybody tell me the way. If I build backlinks to my other pages....for example: it is impact the TF of my homepage also? Thank you