meta description

  1. USA282

    SEO question - Will this be considered Plagiarism?

    Hey guys, I'm working on a Q/A platform which is scheduled to launch by the end of this April. I'm kinda stuck at something and I need some advice. The image above shows what the typical category page on my platform looks like. For example, each question has a minimum of 3 tags and once the...
  2. A

    Page Title, Focus Keyword, Slug and Meta Description with same keyword?

    is it good way if I started meta tags like The Page Title, Focus Keyword, Slug and Meta Description all with the same Keyword/s. Please response? TIA!
  3. M

    Wrong meta description showing on google

    Hello, I am creating an adult tube website using a wp-script theme. Google is showing the wrong meta description in the search results. I am using Yoast SEO to change the meta description of my pages. Here is a screenshot of google showing the wrong meta description ibb(dot)co/LQCkjbQ...
  4. Mane.D

    Looking for webiste seo

    Hello, I need some who can fix my website SEO a few things only. meta title/description Alt tags And maybe with HTML tags.
  5. E

    My Meta Desc is Gone at Google

    Can someone tell me, why this is happen to my site?
  6. SEOGoat

    Having a Long/Lengthy Meta Description, More than What Yoast Recommends !

    Wanted to get people's Views on this. I usually follow Yoast Plugin and Stop writing on the meta description when the line turns from Green to Orange. I Follow the plugin recommendation. But I have seen Longer metas on google search for people who are ranking high. Any thoughts ?
  7. Arsalan Nazar

    [Question] What Should I do

    Hello, guys hope you all doing well. I want advice from SEO experts. After a year I changed so many pages meta description, titles and image alt text on my website. So should I resubmit site map to webmaster tool or do nothing google auto updates all?
  8. Z

    Is it unique meta description?

    Hi mates! I need your help... If only the first 2-3 words (the keyword, product name) are change in the meta desc, but the other elements are the same at all of the products... Is it unique meta desc? Thank you!
  9. SERPsim

    A new title and meta optimizer that actually works!

    Hey guys! Thought I should let you know about a tool I recently put together that I think you might like. It's called SERPsim and is the most accurate title and meta optimizer in existence updated with the latest pixel based limits. It also has some pretty cool features: Download title and...
  10. ContentWriter

    New Meta Description Character Count Requirement

    Have you seen any significant improvement on your SERP visibility after maximizing the adjusted character count limit on meta descriptions? What adjustments have you applied so far?
  11. ContentWriter

    Have you started extending your meta descriptions?

    Hi, fellow BHW members! We've been monitoring this update about the length of meta descriptions since it became one of the trending topics in the SEO community since November this year. At the moment, we still keep our meta descriptions between 130 and 156 characters because Yoast SEO has not...
  12. autodream

    Make the robot see only the post Title +Meta description

    i have noticed that my posts in my blog being deindexed from google ,my best guess is this is because duplicate content. my blog is about serieses the posts of different episodes of the same series have the same keywords except for the number of episodes so,i intend to make the robots see only...
  13. O

    My wordpress sites have dropped from Google Search after changes--what am I missing?

    I've recently started making websites for my businesses and some of my clients with Wordpress instead of traditional html like I've always done. The problem is, I noticed that these new sites didn't have any 'descriptions' when they came up under search ("A description for this result is not...
  14. dennyfar

    Launch New Tech Blog, Need Advice

    Hello, I just launched my new tech blog last night, I need some suggestion the best meta description for this blog. The Title of this blog is "Tech Update" And the meta description is............. Please give me advice for the meta description about 100 words. Thank's!
  15. clo_lo

    Looking for an Internet Marketer - SEO/PPC Expert

    Hi, I have a women's fashion apparel site and need the following done: Site Improvements 1. Create a robots.txt file 2.There are two H1 tags on the homepage; remove one as to not confuse Google about the page's primary purpose 3. Create backlinks 4. Lengthen home page title tag 5. Create meta...
  16. ContentWriter

    Do you still pay attention to the Meta Description and Alt Tags of your articles?

    One of my rules in my content writing service is to proactively place a Meta Description and at least 5 Alt Tags above the title of the articles that we write. I know that those two are important when you have the SEO Yoast or any SEO-related WordPress plugin on your website. On the other hand...
  17. ContentWriter

    Is there a demand for a meta description writer?

    I have already developed this habit of writing a meta description above the title of the articles that I write for my clients. I do that regardless if my client is concerned about on-page SEO or not. Here's my question. For webmasters out there, do you find a meta description helpful as far as...
  18. N

    Need help to insert meta tag and keywords in my blogspot site

    Hello Everyone, I'm a new blogger. I've a personal blogspot site in which I write my own opinions in various topics. My maximum blog posts are in Bengali language, how may I create the meta description and meta tags? I'll be grateful if you give me any tutorial on blogspot optimization...
  19. B

    Weird Google Description for Site

    I have a client that is seeing a weird description in Google. I looked at the source code and don't see these words anywhere and the site seems to be clean of malware (used Sucuri site scan). Any ideas on why this is occurring?