1. I

    Is medium dead for new accounts?

    Just wondering if the whole "no-index" policy makes it impossible to start anything on medium from ground zero nowadays. Buy aged account or die?
  2. I

    Buy accounts

    Hello, I want to buy aged accounts, preferably with articles. If you have some, pm me.
  3. V

    Medium Index issues

    Hi, My articles in Medium are getting the "noindex". My old articles are indexed but I never checked before the timing of being indexed. I have posted 2-3 new articles and none of them is indexed, it has been more than a week now. I see the below tag: <meta data-rh="true" name="robots"...
  4. V

    Seo - Custom domain with Medium

    Hi, In terms of SEO, what is the best approach when choosing a custom domain( or a subdomain of the medium( If I use custom domain like, would it be difficult/delayed for search engines to index my articles? Thanks :)
  5. Yupwork

    How to read articles completely on MEDIUM.COM without paying any cent TOTALLY FOR FREE

    Is too easy just change the domain-name medium*com to scribe*rip Example I want to read this article Simply replace medium*com by scribe*rip ENJOY.
  6. T

    How I Got 200k Views on Medium

    Tim Soulo shares How he got 200k visits with just 19 articles. The process he uses to craft Medium articles in less than 1 hour. (This alone is worth a click here) Why you should write on Medium even though you have your own blog with your own domain. An interview with his friend that grew...
  7. cdn_craigs

    Ranking Articles

    hi Guys anyone have experience with getting articles ranked? Has anyone tried getting some links (like a PBN job) done to point to your article on medium? Please share any experience! :)
  8. bluecoder

    ██ Medium Store ██ Medium Claps | High TF Guest Posts | | Medium Followers [50% OFF]

  9. M

    Looking for accounts

    Hi guys, I want to buy some (aged) accounts, preferably with a few articles. Furthermore, I'm also looking to buy comments. If you have some, pm me your $kyp3 name.
  10. Holzr

    [Advice Needed] Restrictions

    I used medium last year as a parasite and getting back into it. Setup an account and went to post article but my account has been restricted. I'm guessing this is done automatically. Does anyone have any general tips for avoiding this. Should I: Let the account age Use a different email (I...
  11. H

    Need Medium Claps / Followers

    Hey, Need Medium Claps / Followers from different accounts on a regular basis. PM me if interested.
  12. marios_521

    Medium 404 My Page - How To Fix It? has a 404 showing instead of my article. When logged in, I can see all the information there. Trying from other browser or computer... has the 404. Can I fix that?
  13. The Curator

    Anyone Using Medium Paid Accounts?

    They reward writers you like and share with more money - any Medium-masters here that might use this to shadow an account that links back to your money-site, so it won't get banned since it's bringing in money?
  14. yourdady

    Do you think becoming a paid member on will help us from account suspension?

    I'm planning to promote one of the affiliate product through, as one of my friend did rank a page and making good $$$, the only problem is one day if they review it they will suspend the account or remove the article, as we have couple of links in the article forcing users to visit...
  15. 710fla


    After writing two parasite related guides (linked below) I decided to take it a step further and release a case study on a real life money making method. You can use any parasite you want I am using because I already have the page up and indexed as well as the fact that Google seems...
  16. Holzr

    [Advice] Number of Accounts on Same IP

    Edit: Just noticed my title should of been a question. Anyone have any experience/knowledge on a max number of accounts to register on the same IP? I want to get as many on as possible but obviously don't want to get banned if I can help it.
  17. E

    I need 10,000+ Medium Claps and Upvotes

    I need 10,000+ Medium Claps from different accounts. Plz tell me your price for 10,000+ Medium Upvotes and Claps.
  18. CThomasRaging - Claps/Interactions/Social Signals

    Has anybody seen or heard about social signals on I can’t find anything here on BHW. Thanks!
  19. Chris.Roark robots.txt question

    Do you guys know anything about changing the robots.txt file? I know that articles from medium regular members (those with @ before user ID) used to rank. For example a regular user's URL https:// @username/ the-story-title-here But by checking their robots file...
  20. A

    Looking for Followers/Claps

    Hi everyone, I'm looking for followers and claps. PM me. Mayby we can make a deal. Thank you!
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