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Feb 4, 2022
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My articles in Medium are getting the "noindex". My old articles are indexed but I never checked before the timing of being indexed. I have posted 2-3 new articles and none of them is indexed, it has been more than a week now. I see the below tag:

<meta data-rh="true" name="robots" content="noindex,follow,max-image-preview:large"/>

I contacted Medium support, I am told that the threshold might take a few days to weeks. Can anyone advise me on how to get the threshold or any tips to achieve it sooner?

Thanks :)
If you post quality article that is not only focused to get links only may possible to turn noindex to index
If you post quality article that is not only focused to get links only may possible to turn noindex to index
What are the parameters of quality? My articles are unique and have good topics. I use professional tools to check plagiarism and Grammer/writing correction. Am I missing something?

I wonder if anyone can crack the Medium algorithm! :)
I like the fact Medium is doing this.

I wish other user content-generated platforms follow the same path and we might avoid having so much spam getting indexed by high authoritative sites and perhaps crappy linkbuilding services might actually start working for a living :D :p

OP, if your content is top-notch and actually adds value to Medium´s community I wouldn´t stress too much about it. Feels like it´s more of a "quality guideline" than something else to me.
get some tier 2 links over them to get this medium articles indexed !
In my opinion - No. What is the definition of Spam? How would I know if I am flagged as Spam? I said, the content is unique and good topics.
I guess the meaning of spam these days is broad. I meant to say are you posting your articles too quickly?
this link is nofollow , cant be index but good for diversity !
It happened to me also. If you have multiple backlinks in your article then it might be noindex. Just post the content first without the links and next week you can add links. It works for me not sure if it will work for you or not.
I used Giphy gif, I am not sure if this could be a reason!!!?
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