Is medium dead for new accounts?

Just wondering if the whole "no-index" policy makes it impossible to start anything on medium from ground zero nowadays.

Buy aged account or die?
Medium isn't a great idea for starting anything. Best to create a simple WP blog.
I have old medium accounts, some with following. They are good for sending traffic to the website but even though they are indexable the individual posts still rarely index at all.

edit: also, I found out the other day that you can't start new publications with new free accounts. so yeah, buy aged.
I have older medium accounts in my tier 2 profile. They are all indexed and fairly thin on content. Not sure there is anything particularly valuable about them over any other tier 2 sites.
Where can you buy old aged medium account(s)? Can i change username of the account?
Right now i am sending the whole article from wordpress to medium with blog2social plugin.
Taking advantage that it will never get indexed and with try to grow my audience at medium without any effort.
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