1. R

    blackhat seo wanted for online meds site

    hello we are looking for someone that can help us with blackhat seo for online meds site , anyone that can help us with traffic please contact me
  2. B

    SEO / Leads for Pharma site

    I have a site that sells HGH, not viagra or other medical or weird stuff. Im ranked in 50 keywords on the first page but still its hard to get to #1, also even if the site is on the first page at #4,5,6 it doesnt get clicks, generate calls or emails. Im willing to find new ways to rank it #1...
  3. UmairHussain.CS


    Hey everyone! I'm new to this platform and learning about SEO strategies. My workplace has a site of medic which share some value information about Skin care and its amazing solutions. Do have a look on it. Skinexamine in the search engine THANKS! :)
  4. K

    Starting a Diabetic Test Strip Business- Medical Commodities

    What's up, I'm looking to get started flipping medical commodities. Does anyone have any experience in this line of work? if so, how should i go about this?
  5. B

    how can i increase my sales ?

    i have a website for medical books in pdf formats i have have premium membership subscription on it i make few sales per month , i need more sales is there any service can help me to increase sales i can pay for that ????
  6. G

    I'm new and need help about certain niche

    Hi guys, I've been doing SEO (or at least really tried) for Medical niche site, like very specific into alternative med and such. don't like it, but it's a job. I've failed to gain any foothold after more than 3 months. Do you guys have any recommendation? can't do it locally since it is kinda...
  7. klifecareindia

    medical industry seo

    hi all, keywords like "blood pressure monitor" are highly competitive and aggressive in nature. If we want to rank of these type of keyword then what should be the strategy.
  8. Infobahn

    Hello from an old ad guy

    Hello! I am an old advertising agency/IT guy who is moving over to manage affiliate programs in the medical/physician services space in the US. I know how to search a forum, so I won’t be asking many questions.
  9. J

    High-authority Health Niche Guest Post: DA 58, TF & CF ~45!

    Have a startup health niche site or service? You're probably wondering how to get ranked on Google so your audience and customers can find you. The good news is, Google bumps up the ranks of sites that seem authoritative. If a higher authority site links to you, then it bumps up your site's...
  10. H

    Google Adwords - For Legal and Medical Field

    My background is in eCommerce and in this field Adwords is as straight forward as you can get. Everything runs smoothly and generally speaking if your client sells a product half decent you'll get a decent ROI. Now a few months back I decided to try something new and took a few more freelance...
  11. A

    Need Medical Transcription affiliate Networks

    I am looking for few affiliate networks which provides medical transcription services and are looking for people to do the work or recruit people into doing some medical transcription stuff. Is there any specific networks offering the same,if not is there any CPA N/Ws that has some good medical...
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