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    My background is in eCommerce and in this field Adwords is as straight forward as you can get. Everything runs smoothly and generally speaking if your client sells a product half decent you'll get a decent ROI.

    Now a few months back I decided to try something new and took a few more freelance projects, these ones were legal and medical related, to be more specific a couple of law firms (both personal injury lawyers) and a clinic (specialized on thyroid and breast cancer surgery), both from US. Before judging me I did told these clients that I have never worked in this fields before but they still accepted and we started the campaigns.

    Now the issue I'm facing is that everything seems to go well... but is not, actually it's horrible. I'll use as example one of the personal injury lawyers:

    - The majority of our keywords have a quality score higher than 8, even a few 10's.
    - CTR is above 4%
    - Avg. Position is 1.7
    - Bounce rate is around 55% ( a little high due to the fact that I try and contain my traffic as much as possible to a closed mini-website circuit related to their query, information about the business, the staff and contact w/o access to the general website, using usually a /advertisement/ directory blocked to robots ).
    - avg. duration ~02:45 sec
    - Page/visit: 2.75

    Everything looks ok but the conversion rate, I'm siting at an abysmal 1% conversion rate, 3 conversion in 7 weeks and 1,835.76$ spent. Before you ask I filter my traffic as much as possible to avoid informational queries and Matched Search Query is pretty much spot on, the type of traffic I'm looking for. I'm using just the google search engine and advertising at a local level, as far as I can tell I get relevant traffic that seems to be interested in my content.

    So my question is as follows, is there a special tactic you guys use to approach the legal and medical fields? Something that I may have missed maybe? I did some research on the subject but the problem is that most articles I found are SEO-KW-focused-hire-our-advertising-firm garbage, there's nothing useful in them.

    Or is this just the nature of these fields? I did expect a major change from e-Commerce but not a 600$/Conversion kind of change.
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    Well, if all seems great and you get targeted traffic only, what you have to do is optimize your mini-sites as much as possible, since your mini-sites are the answer to the riddle. try split testing and/or a/b testing, add call to actions, lure the user to convert etc. target different mini-sites versions to different ads and kws.

    Moreover, you can even use heat map detections to see where your users focus when first land.

    Good luck