mac address

  1. Anni87

    How to mask my MacBook's MAC address in front of Facebook?

    This is for the tech pros: I got myself a new MacBook Air which I will use to run a friend's Facebook Profile on it and ads. I need to mask or change the MAC address of that new MacBook Air because Facebook knows that device already and it had a banned user on it. So I want to start new and...
  2. Rollfic

    Google, FB on tracking

    Hi, big sites like google, fb can detect if we are using VPN or not, right? Does by changing DNS and mac address solves this issue and completely spoof real IP, dns and location? Please dont say not to use. That is not the solution lol
  3. lockheadsr71b

    A good Android emulator

    I need a powerful android emulator for some experiments regarding location specific traffic however the likes of Bluestacks and MEMU look more gamer oriented is there something a bit more clean with options for MAC Address generation ? Thanks in advance.
  4. A

    Changing MAC address when changing proxy?

    I am just starting out using proxies for posting to classified sites and am wondering if my accounts will get banned/ ghosted if I don't use a virtual machine or have a allocated MAC address for each IP? Any help is appreciated!
  5. megaMind007

    Need help to Change MAC add.

    Hi, I want to change my PC mac add. by using tools/ software which are works great ... I have already install Technitium MAC Address Changer ... it's would not work anymore and every time showing "Failed to change Mac Address For wireless connection set the first octet Mac Adress 02" I have...
  6. pherkan

    instagram confusion / proxies, ip, automation, devices...

    So I'm making my first post after I've googled a lot, asked lots of people on Telegram but I seem to miss some things or miss some knowledge regarding Instagram (which is maybe even applicable to other social media platforms). I've been reading about automation, running Instagram accounts, bots...
  7. Rabiul Biplob

    How to detect unique device identifier without ip and remote add?

    I need help if someone help me, please. **How to detect unique device identifier without IP and remote add?** Window-Linux-OS-MAC OS-Android I used code but got only Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 6.1; WOW64) AppleWebKit/537.36 (KHTML, like Gecko) Chrome/ Safari/537.3 this type data...
  8. R

    Google Plus Profile Images - is Google Tracking Machine ID?

    I read somewhere that Google is tracking machine ID when images are uploaded to Google+ profiles. might explain why they make it difficult to add images from online sources and require upload from computer. Can anyone comment on this? Do they capture machine ID? Is there a method to mask...
  9. C

    Virtual MAC ID Providers Needed - URGENT

    We need Genuine Virtual MAC ID Providers - for Online Ad Posting Services. Requirements:- 1. Different MAC Addresses mean Different Computer. And I need Virtual MAC ID ; 2. All the MAC Addresses should be Private & Secure ; 3. I need MAC IDs for Online Ad Posting Services so the Virtual...
  10. randybishop

    How does Google find fake reviews on Google Places?

    I would imagine they record IP address, but what about a computer's MAC address? Do you think they can record MAC address also? What are your thoughts?
  11. J

    Covert way to hide online presence?

    So I have been searching for an answer on BHW and other forums for about 2 days and just cannot seem to find it. What service completely annonymizes my internet presence? Specifically I am looking to hide my user agent, MAC address, and give a false ip (at least one that is not my own) I...
  12. M

    can adwords see your mac address

    Hi, I am working on getting multiple adwords accounts and in other threads I see conflicting opinions on whether adwords can see your mac address or not. So is this something I need to change or not? thank you! my current plan on the mult. google accounts if you would care to comment as well...
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