1. MarketEverything

    SEMRush Content Template Keyword Method

    Here is a method I use with SEMRush's "SEO Content Template" tool to improve on-page SEO for existing pages. First grab the top 30 keywords from Search Console. Sort by only your desired page, and export the queries to a Google Sheet. I usually do the highest clicks, followed by highest...
  2. ATuringtest

    [Free] LSI search/keyword tool + Suggestions + Excel export

    So i was looking around for API's for some work I'm doing and LSI's was on the list. And I came across a demo version of a PHP script and its pretty good I have to say. Hope you find it useful I did :) BTW the site has nothing to do with me I only found it a...
  3. Myst3ry

    [GUIDE] Find The First Page Sites` Keywords(+LSI) EASILY

    Maybe this is shared before, I don't know. I thought it will be useful for some. Step 1: Go to google and type your money keyword or any other keyword you want to check. Step 2: Copy all content from every site on page 1 and paste it in one by one You can copy just the article...
  4. xoftmade

    Anchor Text Ratios in Backlinks

    Anchor Text Ratios in Backlinks Here are the best practice in backlinks Money Site Anchor Text Ratio Branded Anchor Text: 70% Naked Links: 20% Generic Anchors: 5% LSI, Partial Match Anchors: 1-5% Exact Match Anchors Text: Less Than 1% Here’s how your tier two anchor ratios should typically...
  5. CokeAndCake

    Optimizing Content with tool

    I have recently foudn the tool from cognitiveseo to optimize your content with their suggested keyowrds (lsi keywords most likely). So now that I have optimized it im asking myself though, was that a bad idea? Just wanted to ask if someone had any experience with the content assistant from...
  6. qwertzui11

    301 to correct anchor text ratio?

    I have found a domain. A blog site, fully related to my niche. (Stories, and posts about the product I am selling.) The domain is pure clean, there was none linkbuilding ever. Having 90 live referring domains, kind of clean backlink profile. The question is: What to do next? My money site is a...
  7. bold rapunzel

    [Keyword Density] - What % is acceptable between Keywords and LSIs?

    I am writing review posts and I happen to have my keyword density around 3% because I am reviewing a product. I think that is high, but I really don't know how to lower that without removing content or calling the product "it" instead of the real name. The thing is that I tried to lower it by...
  8. M

    Tips about LSI keyword & keyword stuffing.

    Hello, If I use LSI keyword 4-5 times at my home page meta description besides main keyword, will it be keyword stuffing ? Wanna answere from experts...
  9. BallsLikePlanets

    EMD and related LSI keyword in URL

    Do you think Google would push you down in the SERPs a bit because of something like this? Say your URL is '' and you wanted to rank the homepage for 'cheap sofas'. You want to rank loads of other pages for related LSI KWs to 'cheap' like pages for 'value sofas' and 'budget...
  10. J

    $20/1000 Word LSI Articles. Written by US-born College Grads. Monthly Subscription.

    I could make a fancy graphics thread about how awesome my writing is but I don?t really see the point in doing that when I am providing written content to you. Why are all those other content providers using shiny graphics to show you how good their writing is? I don?t have an answer for that...
  11. foreclosureking

    LSI Article Writing Service | 1K Word Articles | 100% Professional Grade Unique Content|Fo

    Professional Article Writing By Native English Speaking Writers & Journalist If you need content for marketing, we've got you covered. We research & Write The best Content For Your Marketing Needs. And we guarantee 100% satisfaction or we'll re-write it for you. We produce the...
  12. S

    Writers needed

    I was wondering if it's acceptable to post a "writers wanted" here in the Lounge or some other category? I'm in need of writers for my website and noticed a lot of people here write but have been rejected from other sites like ehow. I could use them. So, where can I post my offer? Anyone know?
  13. theindiaphile

    Ultimate LSI tool ?

    Hi, I'm looking for the best latent semantic indexing tool - can someone recommend? I've found which is ok. Any other suggestions?
  14. M

    LiftLSI - The ONLY Backlinks Package to Harness the Strength of LSI Content

    LiftLSI Take advantage of the powerful punch from Unique LSI Content! While trying to innovate new backlink packages, we decided to test out LSI articles to see what happened. When results came in, they were better than the standard articles and helped improve our sites for many more...
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