1. L

    Lets say you win big from lottery...

    Would you tell your family/friends about this fortune?
  2. AuraMarketing

    Oakland County Woman Wins $3 Million Lottery After Checking Spam Folder

    She was looking for a missing email from someone, that's when she saw an email from the lottery. Never thought checking spam/junk folder was so important
  3. MoneyMagnet2015

    {Journey} $10,000 monthly with Lottery Winner's Club

    HOW DOES THE CLUB WORK? Players will pay $100 to enter the Lottery Winner's Club. Winners will share 10% of earnings with the Club. 70% will be distributed among other members, management takes the rest. So I'll actually get 30% minus fees in this journey, but that's good since it will keep...
  4. SonOfBhw

    What Is The First Thing You Would Do If You Win The Lottery?

  5. L

    want to get a new mobile some how

    Is there any website or anything where i can win a new mobile i never buy a new mobile in my life :)
  6. MonteCarlos

    Anyone wants to live and work in the United States?

    Here is the link, but you'll have to be quick...days are passing fast! Maybe someone is interested, lol...
  7. jem001

    (Method) Playing lottery everyday til jackpot

    I've been thinking about this for so long and so many times now. What if I play the lottery everyday for the whole year. We have lottery here in canada that costs $1, $3 and $5 per play. Lets say play $1 for the entire year costs $365 and jackpot is only $1 million. $3 for the whole year costs...
  8. FinestCPA

    CPA Kitchen - Gambling Affiliate Network | CPA, RS, Hybrid | SmartLink, AD Rotator | 24/7 Support

    CPA Kitchen is an innovative affiliate network in gambling niche with dozens of decent CPA, Revenue Share, and Hybrid offers. You will be able to get maximum from your traffic with our unique tracking mechanism, smart tools AD Rotator and One Link, and detailed reports section. Every partner...
  9. Master Oogway

    [Help] Lottery Niche affiliate program

    Hi BHW Citizens, I'm in lottery niche, any suggestion for related affiliate for my niche..need to monitized it more. Been in clickbank beating system category but i'm in local lottery my target can't relate worldwide offer. Thank you for the answer.
  10. Campaigner12

    How to advertise Lottery on Facebook?

    Hi! I have several offers for lottery. I'm looking for channels to advertise it. How can I advertise lottery on Facebook? Cloaking? I have a website with a blog section, but when I tried to advertise it, it got rejected. Any tips? Thanks!
  11. P

    There is any Lottery CMS out there?

    Hi, I`m looking to create my own online lottery site. I do not want to create a new lottery, I want to be able to sell tickets to existing lotteries like Powerball. Megamillion, Eurojackpot, etc. For that, I`m looking for a CMS that I can use. Anyone knows about a CMS like that?
  12. P

    There is any Lottery CMS out there?

    Hi, I want to create an online lottery site. I do not want to create my own lottery but use the existing lotteries like Powerball, Megamillions, Eurojackpot, etc. And let people buy tickets via my site. I`m looking for a CMS I can use. Anyone knows about that kind of CMS? Thank you.
  13. Ecodor

    Lottery Game Scripts

    Hello all, I was searching the web for free lottery game scripts and templates so I can complete it by myself but no luck so far, am too lazy to build it from zero... are there any free lottery scripts over there if so please provide me with some link, I would appreciate so much :) EDIT: Sorry...
  14. G

    Hey Black Hats, nice to be here

    Hey - am n00b here today, based in Western Europe, very keen on making money (wearing all hats W/G/B) - interested in / plan to set up: affiliate sites, gambling (lotteries, dice), monero mining, also plan to set up physical remailing / dead drop / forwarding workaround service to counter...
  15. B

    Looking for Black Hat PPC campaign management for Lottery Clients

    Hi Guys. I am new here and looking for Black Hat PPC guys who can run ads for our unlicensed lottery operator. Thanks so much!
  16. A

    Anyone have CPL Offers? We have Email Traffic!

    Hey, We are looking for Forex/binary/casino/dating/adult/education/real estates/insurance/Sweepstakes/Lotto Email Traffic . Countries- US,UK,AU,IT,PL,RU,ID,GCC,MY,SG,ZA. If you have really good converting / High Paying , PM me!
  17. J

    Any methods to win the lottery?

    Would really appreciate it guys.
  18. Blondberry

    Gambling, casino, sportsbets site - how to promote?

    Hi! First things first, I'm sorry if this isn't the right thread, didn't know where to post it. So here's the problem. I work with a client of mine, who has new website which has casino, sport bets, eurojackpot, etc.. How could I promote this site? Social media networks first. How to get a lot...
  19. R

    Online Custon lottery type game - how to best monetize.

    Hi, I have spent quite a lot of time playing various casino and lottery games and realized that in such games, the house always wins, because it tilts the odds greatly in their favour. Lotteries do that too, plus they skim off of the prize fund, usually taking around half of the prize fund...
  20. K

    Get Paid to Play the Lottery Even if You Lose You Still Win.You'll still make Great Money.

    Get Paid to Play the Lottery Even if You Lose You Still Win because You'll Still Earn Great Money as a TEAM.Refer Only 2 People and Your Membership Will Be Absolutely Free for Life.Call me 24/7 for Complete details at 312 919 8183. Leave your name and number. My name Rickey.I will call you back...
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