longtail keywords

  1. IamKing

    ❇️[Lion King]▶️ Rank Your Long Tail Keywords ▶️ Unique Link Building Service With Bulk Content & Huge Diversity❤️60% OFF❤️

    Long Tail Keywords Link Building Service with Bulk Unique Content & Huge Diversity ❤️Trusted Service Provider Since 2009❤️ For any more questions please Post here or PM me. Contact Email: info [@] webstreetseo.com or imkingseo @ gmail.com Payment Methods: Paypal, USDT, Bitcoin, Payoneer...
  2. IM Dude

    What is the minimum search volume you want after longtail keyword research ?

    So you did niche research, finalized the niche. You did keyword research and got longtail keywords or low competition keywords. You paid for it or did it yourself, doesn't matter you got the list of low competition keywords. You are ready to write let's say 50 blogs. You add the search...
  3. I

    Ranking for longtail keyword, vs. competition with shorter similar KW?

    Hi guys, How possible is it to get a great ranking (1st page of google search results) for long-tail keyword, if the competition is strong for shorter variation of that keyword? Example / explanation: - I'm doing SEO for accommodation website. My plan is to use long-tail keyword, like "best...
  4. K

    How to check long tail keyword effective

    Hi all, Please help me proven long-tail keyword effective, because a lot of client don't believe that one. Thank you for support.
  5. holyemmyjoe

    Keyword Research Enquiry

    Help a Newbie. I am currently trying to perform a research on which long tail keyword I should include in my blog posts, I find it difficult to understand which has low competition and which has high competition. When I perform a search, I see comp = 0.65, which figure is regarded as low and...
  6. El Magico

    Ranking Foreign SEO Easy!

    I noticed its very easy to rank to foreign SEO words without any back links with this strategy. First I google translate the target keyword go on keyword io and look for keywords that are under 400 searches, many under 400 words are completely overlooked by foreign SEOs, but they can be gold...
  7. santanna76

    Longtail Keywords vs. Target Keywords

    Hi Insiders, I'm a new blogger that has learned a lot during my short time visiting BHW. I've read extensively about the use of LTK to rank for low competition keywords and have a list I'm comfortable moving forward with. Where I'm a little uncertain is how do I mesh this with higher volume...
  8. L

    Low Competitive Keywords. Help Needed

    Low Competitive Keywords. Help Needed Can someone help with a low competitive keywords on the niche Medical Marijuana for sale, Marijuana for Sale, Weed for sale, Cannabis Oils for sale, Buy Marijuana Online etc... I am working on a clients dispensary site and my semrush account has expired...
  9. SM Sawash

    longtail pro crack version

    Hello dear, i need longtail pro crack version. If anyone have any suggestion site, please dear tell me :)
  10. Wilson Grant Fisk

    Google Auto Suggest Scraper

    # -*- coding: utf-8 -*- import requests import json # here you include your main terms, this can be as many as you like terms = ['wine'] # these are just 'variations' which are appended to the start of your 'terms' variations = ['what * ', 'who * ', 'how * ', 'does * ', 'why * ', 'can * '...
  11. Jiung

    [Method] Find TONS & TONS of Longtail Keywords for FREE

    I recently stumbled across a thread here talking about the website: "keywordshitter.com" On this website, you submit a seed keyword and it generated a TON of keywords that are related to that seed keyword. For example, you input a keyword "best toaster" and it generates a long keyword list...
  12. hudda

    EMD for Long tail keyword

    Should I use EMD (20-30 character in url) for long tail keyword site, I will use site for adsense earning??? please suggest me.
  13. O

    Tool for finding longtail keywords with low SEO competition

    I've tried several keyword tools and I've never really been completely satisfied with any of them, and I just so happen to run across this completely free web based application for finding long tail KWs with Low SEO Comp. So I made a quick review video on it... like I always do, when I find...
  14. B

    Target long tails

    I am doing keyword research for my first big site. I notice many searches have terminology like "sell my iphone", "sell my books online". How can I best write titles targetting these types of searches? Should I copy their title exactly (sell my iphone) or should I use a more natural sounding...
  15. N

    Ideas needed for Adsense websites. Softwares i am going to use are GSA, UD and GK.

    Hi BH hope you are all well. So lets start quick. I want to start 100 websites a month. All 100 websites will be categories into 3 categories. 33% are for adsense. 33% for rankings for longtail keywords, less competition (< 8000 searches) (cpc above $2) 34% for other purpose My question is i...
  16. StartupHat

    Startegy to Rank High for LongTails Using Articles

    Hi, Im launching a new site targeting 80 longtail KWs (low/med) all in the same niche, to get the site ranked for as many longtails as possible and become an authority site. Strategy: 1 - 80 articles of 500 words of original targeted content, to be released 2 per day at random times and...
  17. S

    Keyword Explosion Wordpress Plugin Content, Optimization, Ranking on Autopilot !!

    How would you like a WP Plugin that... -Provides Unlimited Fresh Content Right to Your Blog! -Ranks Your Inside Pages for Thousands of Long-Tail Keywords! -Works Totally Hands-Free on Autopilot! -Gets You Targeted Traffic that will Convert and Make you Money! All of this is possible...
  18. N

    Niches and Keyword selection strategy - what do you use?

    I'm trying to put in place a system which selects Longtails which will be easier to rank for. Of course, the system is automated and scrapes data from Google Search and Google Keyword tool... but I'm not sure what factor should get more importance. I dont want to ever look thru the Keyword list...
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