1. F

    Financing Affiliate - How do I provide loans?

    I want to create a website on let's say 'luxury cars'(not my actual niche) where the website lists and makes and descriptions of the cars . I would like a loan calculator tool for a loan and then the ability for them to 'get a quote' or 'apply for a loan'. Are there any affiliate programs for...
  2. K

    Payday loans 2020 CPA networks

    Hi Who works with financial offers? Payday loans, financial niche. Which problems do you have now mostly?

    Looking for UK / US loans affiliate offers.

    Need loan offers for my SMS traffic, highly targeted traffic from people who have applied for a loan before. Looking for a network with ideally net 7 payout to keep things running smooth. Suggestions welcome.
  4. Louie AV

    When it comes to Payday, personal and installment loan leads!

    I need to know what people think is the best affiliate program for this. Any thoughts?
  5. Dmitry Belanskiy

    Leads Gate

    Hey,fellas! I want to start working with new PayDay Loans networks - LeadsGate Did anybody work with them? Do they pay money or not? Any reviews?
  6. William702

    Radio adverts for refinance loans to buy bitcoin in Las Vegas

    WTF!! Heard the ad on the radio in the car twice now. I'll try and get the company name next time its on If I remember. It's a totally normal ad for a loan and then it says things like, go on that trip you have always wanted, buy a new car. Now is a great time to invest in the bitcoin dip. So...
  7. C

    Hello World I'm new here My name is Click Master

    Hello Everyone I hope to become a valuable member of this community. Any help or advice I can receive would be very helpful to me. I'm going into Affiliate marketing on the side of Insurance and Finance. Any Advice Links or guidance?
  8. Z

    Financial Data Mining

    This is an incredible opportunity to make alot of money. My company is looking for someone who can provide great data on small businesses, which are looking for funding. These can be trigger leads, UCC data, merchant who have applied for credit, merchants who have applied online or...
  9. S

    Auro Loan Targeting

    Hey guys im looking for an auto loan targeting for facebook ads ive tried everything nothing converts willing to pay for a converting audience
  10. P

    Where is the best place to sell my leads for personal finance and small business loans?

    Could someone shed some light on where to send my leads for an actual fair payout? I'm fair but I feel like it's impossible to sift through the bs anymore. Anyone have advice where I can look to get paid on decent leads? We do mostly transfers from inbound calls so I know they are decent leads I...
  11. R

    Is it legal to advertise loans offers on Facebook?

    I have been reading Facebook policies and apparently its not allowed to advertise PayDay loans however its also mentioned: "Ads promoting credit card applications or financial services with accredited institutions must clearly provide sufficient disclosure regarding associated fees, including...
  12. D

    Building a payment App

    I am working on a micro loans idea. I basically need some way that the user can come onto the site/app and get a loan between $50-200 at the click of a button. I will be meeting each new member in person getting the details like name/address/debit card and phone number. They will sign a...
  13. S

    Best way to rank highly in SEO?

    Hi All, Im interested to find out the best way to rank highly as an SEO? Interested to hear what everyones opinions are on this? Thanks :)
  14. Q

    Looking 2 purchase lending leads

    LOOKING for access to lending sites leads. PURCHASE LIVE LOAN LENDING LEADS (I have a good friend in need of them) Example of the type of leads I'm looking for would be: ppl that are looking to purchase homes. Example, Zillow, their leads would be perfect if we could somehow get them..? AREA...
  15. Q

    Looking to purchase live loan leads

    LOOKING for access to lending sites leads. LIVE LOAN LENDING LEADS (I have a good friend in need of them) Example of the type of leads I'm looking for would be: ppl that are looking to purchase homes. Example, Zillow, their leads would be perfect if we could somehow get them..? AREA IM LOOKING...
  16. L

    Please help, I need advise! Loan Generator

    Hello everyone my name is Lisa I currently got a new job working from home generating commercial lending leads I do not have a website so how do I find potential clients looking for a commercial loan? I have posted so far on Back Page ads in Financing in every major city in Ohio so far but no...
  17. D

    Need some guidance working with affiliates

    Hi! I have a three really nice websites in the field of Insurance, Loans and Mortgages. I don't want to work again with AdSense, and I want to work directly with Affiliates via advertising banners, links and especially with landing pages that gather leads. I really need some guidance here: I...
  18. F

    Need page 1 rankings 11 keywords

    Please tell me the estimated costs. I am purchasing this September 1st, so I am looking to have the best bids/pricing lined up before I purchase. Here's the words: 1. Bad credit business loans 2. Payroll Loan 3. Payroll Advance loans 4. Merchant cash advance 5...
  19. F

    How to improve my loan business

    I do short-term, high-interest cash advances for business. Typically they range between 20-50%. My marketing iseffective, but I feel there is room for improvement. I'm currently doing fax broadcasting. It is illegal here in the States, so I use Canadian companies for my VOIP number and website...
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