1. kurosaki4d

    Questions about UAE Freezone

    Hello Everyone, It’s been a couple of years now that I’m into Affiliate Marketing, and my monthly income has been growing steadily. Currently, the annual income is around $120k per year. Would you say it's time to form an LLC? Or is it still early considering the expenses/taxes of a company...
  2. B

    I just started using stripe for the first time yesterday, received my first 2 payments from clients, now stripe is going to close my account

    Guys I just started using stripe for the first time yesterday, received my first 2 payments from clients (paid invoice), now stripe is asking me to provide this docs (which I don’t have) or else they’re going to close my account and refund the client, any help please? for more context, i'm non...
  3. L

    PayPal account

    Hi, Who has bought stealth account before. Can you point me to the right direction on where to get it. The ones I'm getting have no marketplace. Please treat this as urgent Also, can I use LLC USA to open PayPal?
  4. kurosaki4d

    Question about "Bank of America"

    Hello there, I intend to create an LLC in the US. They do provide an "EIN". With that said, is it possible to create bank account with "Bank of America" remotely without having to be physically present, and with the use of EIN and passport only? Has anyone done it?
  5. therp

    Wise bank account for US LLC?

    Hello Everyone! I'm looking to open a bank account for my USA LLC. Is wise a good option to go? I'm not a US resident. I need USA bank account, so I can hold money in that account and save high currency conversion cost. Wise debit card is not available in my country. If I open account in the...
  6. Santiz

    What jurisdiction should I choose now? Hong Kong, US, Georgia, Armenia?

    What jurisdiction should I choose now? (for micro business, affiliate marketing, services; non us or eu resident) - With low or 0% taxes on foreign income. - Easy administration and reports, for morons. - Inexpensive service. Hong Kong, US LLC Wyoming? Something else? (Georgia, Armenia) Yes...
  7. Huncho

    LLC or LTD for e-commerce business?

    Hello Guys, I am looking to open stripe account for my e-commerce business. But i am in hurry. So when i asked an agent for LLC he told me that he can open and do paperwork for 1 business day but EIN need to wait up to 3 months, which is required for opening mercury or payoneer bank account...
  8. Sandie2018

    I want to set up an LLC but have a question

    Hi guys, I live in the UK but am going to set up an LLC remotely. My question is about personal details displayed in the search when someone will look for my new US company name. What I mean is in the UK the registrar is Companies House where all personal details are displayed, for example...
  9. G

    LLC Delaware company to manage Google ADS accounts

    Hello everybody. I am European and I have opened an LLC in Delaware to manage advertising campaigns. I opened a Google Ads account, entered LLC billing information, and as soon as I have transferred a campaign from my European Google Ads account to this new Us account, Google suspended my...
  10. kurosaki4d

    What's the Best LLC for my Affiliate Marketing business?

    Hello Everyone, I'm looking for creating a new company abroad and before doing that I wanted to hear about your experiences first. While searching, I heard a lot about UK LTD companies, and also about LLC in USA (Delaware). So knowing that my business is totally online, more in particular in...
  11. B

    Running Adwords Account for US company as a non-US founder

    Hi guys, I offer digital marketing services like copywriting. I have a US LLC business and I want to run PPC ads on Google for it. I am a non-US founder and don't want anything at all to do with my country of origin when it comes to running my online shop. So I wonder, does it matter if I...
  12. prey24

    How can I register an LLC in US at cheapest cost?

    hey, I want to register an LLC in the US for my agency what can be the cheapest option for me and what total cost can occur. Thanks.
  13. V

    Cost-effective offshore US LLC registration service?

    I'm from outside the US and interested in registering for LLC at either Delaware or Wyoming, and also obtain an EIN alongside it. Any cost-effective services you guys can suggest? I have seen Atlas, Northwest, and Jumpstart... any more that has probably cheaper annual plans or better packages...
  14. See you vader

    UK LTD vs US LLC ?

    Which one is better and why ?
  15. Impressor

    Non-US resident needs tax advice for proposed US LLC

    Hi there. I would like to know tax implications between setting up a company in India and the US (preferably in the states of Delaware, Nevada, or Wyoming). I aspire to deal in IT services (Web/App Dev, SaaS products, etc) and my operations will be from India, at least currently. Most of my...
  16. Chris.Roark

    Company formation recommendation

    I am looking to start a Delaware LLC and so far, besides Stripe's Atlas and Northwest, all other services look a bit "forgotten in time". Can you recommend one service besides the two mentioned above?
  17. Dark. banana

    which is better LLC or C corp for non-Us entrepreneurs?

    Hi what do you think which is better LLC or C corp for non-Us entrepreneurs? to start drop shipping? what would be your option if you had to choose from strip atlas : "C-corp" and delawareinc "LLC" ?
  18. P

    Open and rent out a nutraceutical merchant account. Where to start and risk?

    Hi Black Hat community, My friend told me I can make money renting out a merchant account that I open. He works for a company where I could rent my account to. It's all around nutraceuticals. Any advice how to go about this and where to start? Also very curious what my risk is? My credit...
  19. Dark. banana

    Need Start up info for drop shipping start from zero

    hi so i'm thinking to start drop shipping store and see where a year of this test takes me. However i'm living in Ukraine and i want to target USA customers with my products and Facebook / Google campaigns. So here is the Q i have : Strip Atlas the best option for none US residents ? 2...
  20. S

    (Newbie) Setting Up a Legal Entity

    Hi everyone, complete newbie here starting up in the affiliate marketing world. I apologize if someone already answered this in depth but I couldn't find too much info in old posts. I know this may be something that I should think about later since I haven't started generating significant...
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