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  1. bmorgan

    Strategizing Email Marketing for B2B: Need Guidance on Tools and List Acquisition

    Hello BlackHat Forum Members! I'm the owner of a B2B e-commerce site with a daily footfall of 200-300 organic visitors but only about 2 orders per day on weekdays. To improve these numbers, I’m stepping into the realm of email marketing, a field I haven't explored previously. Current Tools and...
  2. Golicyn

    List building + Affiliate products: Journey to high LTV

    Hey hey fellow warriors! I have not found a lot of threads about list building with paid channels and monetization through affiliate products. Seems like it's a simple, but really challenging. Gather leads for years and then know how to sell them. Kind of expert stuff. So let's give it a...
  3. W

    I got a email list with 680k B2B contacts with all details related to each one in excel file and need to monetize it

    Hey I got a email list with 680k B2B contacts with all details related to each one in a excel file format, and I need to monetize that list. What it's the best option in your opinion Clean the list using some email cleaning service and then use for email marketing? Or just sell the list in...
  4. seojen

    Any Good FREE Autoresponder?

    I'm looking to start collecting emails on my blog and want to start with a FREE autoresponder - can you guys recommend one that you've used ? I appreciate your inputs.
  5. KingShizL

    What is your biggest problem with building your email list?

    Not sure if this is the right forum to drop this question but thought it might be the closest as there is no forum dedicated to email marketing. So here is the question: What is your biggest problem with building your email list?
  6. CKMdigital

    A Beginner's Guide to Email List Cleaning

    Happy Sunday Guys! This is in addition to my previous post A Beginner's Guide to Lead Prospecting and Outreach for Promoting Web Design and SEO Services. As always, I am not associated with any of the tools mentioned below. You are free to try yours. Sending cold emails? Even before thinking...
  7. bnw017

    Looking for scraping mass amounts of influencers/accounts for a specific industry

    Currently looking for scraping mass amounts of social media influencers and each of their other information(followers, email... etc) for a specific niche
  8. 10zen

    Any cheap hosted/managed solution for amazon ses mailing?

    Is there any cheap hosted solution that is based on amazon ses? Not for mass cold mailing, for beginner's list building purpose. Wanted use mailwizz, sendy etc. but requires dedicated server, vps, ips and other extras. Really too expensive for beginners. Found some lifetime deals, email...
  9. GringoMonkey

    [JV] Your B2C Email List, My Monetization

    Do you have a B2C email list that you feel could be better monetized? If so then perhaps I can help you? I prefer USA B2C lists. Split 50/50 on the profits my efforts bring. If this interests you please pm me with the details of your list and I will see if I can help you make more money with it.
  10. surfer30

    How To Get Fresh Leads Using A Little Known Strategy/ Drive more Traffic and Build an Email List

    Frequently Asked Questions: Is this guide on how to generate leads? Absolutely. this is a step by step guide process that shows you how to acquire new leads and build a list, i also share a proven method to convert these leads into customers. Can i build a targeted email list using this Guide...
  11. C

    List building with Native Ad Networks

    Hi guys, Please, is it worth it to build email list using natives ads like the, Taboola, Outbrain, Revcontent etc Do they deliver good traffic? it seems cheaper than fb and google ads
  12. C


    Please GUYS, i would need your advice for choosing a good autoresponder for my AFFILIATE MARKETING I have done some research so far, and the 3 below appeared to have made it to the top list Aweber Activecampaign Convertkit For validation purposes and better decision making, which one is the...
  13. C

    Cryptocurrency Trading VS Email List Building

    Hi Guys, if you are to choose one from the indicated methods below to make a sustainable monthly income, which one would you choose and why? Cryptocurrency Trading VS Email List Building
  14. T

    Here Is A Few Of The Reasons You Should Build Your Own Email list

    1. It Becomes Traffic You Own There are 3 Main Categories Of Online Traffic: -Traffic You Control -Traffic You Don`t Control -Traffic You Own Your Email list comes under the category of Traffic you own. And you can send out emails and drive traffic to your offers every day almost completely for...
  15. Ankith K Shetty

    Ask for email to play embedded video wordpress

    Hi there, I have a video embedded in my wordpress website and I want to collect emails if people want to play the video. My site is built in wordpress, is there any plugin that I can use?
  16. E

    Affiliate Marketing + FB = Money

    Hey guys I don't consider myself an affiliate marketer.. I got into IM and affiliate stuff so that I can make some seed money for my real online business. I have been reading about affiliate marketing and one thing that always stood out from all the advice I read is building an email list and...
  17. olo555

    Im looking sites from Slovakia and Czech republic

    Hi, im looking some good trust website from Slovakia and Czech Republic to create profiles with link. Maybe someone knows some good websites from this countries?
  18. C

    Is There a Good Tool, Service or Plugin for Testing Opt-In Methods

    I am looking to split test different forms for email opt-ins. Is there a consensus on why type works the best or is there a tool, service or wordpress plugin I can use for this? I'm thinking of testing a top-bar, pop-in, slide-in and content blocking opt-in. Thanks for any direction on this, Cafro
  19. ConnectionSphere

    [METHOD] Get 495 Susbscribers From LinkedIn

    If you have one or more LinkedIn accounts, with 2,000 connections or more all together, you can easily have 500 opted-in subscribers today. Don't send them a link a landing page. Simply ask them if you can send them an email with some free report. Then, simple grab the email address of your...
  20. Amoled

    Experience with JVZoo Ads?

    Hey, I would like to know if anyone of you did Advertise on JVZoo to get Affiliates, promoting your products. I Think it's quite expensive with $100-$350 per day, so I would first like to know if anyone got some good affiliates with these Ads. Greetings Amoled
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