linking strategy

  1. curious_

    How long it takes for internal linking to kick in?

    Hey guys, I made some changes in internal linking of my website to link better to my money pages. If done right, how long it takes for internal links to kick in so I can start seeing some changes/movements in SERP? I know that for external links it takes around 2 calendar months to see some...
  2. I

    Is it safe for Adsense site to contain some kind of download button?

    I think about 2 cases, movie niche site. No direct download links. 1. Download button - link to google results page or some other search (Avengers download -this site-) 2. Private bot for users sending links to other sites. No on-page visibility. Have you some similar experience? Or it's...
  3. Elektra1

    Anchor text tips for backlinks and internal linking

    Hello there! I'm a newbie and I'm a little concerned about anchor text spam and penalties. I'd like to know what is the best way to add anchors for internal links and external backlinks, should I use the exact keyword or synonyms or a mix of both? Thanks :)
  4. Danny Crypto

    Ranking an e-commerce website with another single product website?

    Hey guys, Currently was going through my website and thought to do a fresh keyword research. While doing that I had an idea for my niche and that idea is a single product which is very much useful for my niche. I've searched internet and currently that product is not available online in the...
  5. dimfiel

    How would you link an expired domain? (after buying it)

    Hi, I just bought an expired domain in very specific niche and I now I am going to link to my money site. I you were in the same situation, how would you link it ? would you try to recreate the domain from ? or would you redirect it with a 301 ? or maybe you would do something else...
  6. J

    How to increase clicks on referral links?

    I'm planning to post methods that i've tested to my website and instead of using basic PDF files I'm planning to do them as infographics. As I believe normal people's would find these more fresh and easier to do. (I'm currently using Edraw Max trial version and if someone knows a better one...
  7. Abraxon

    Linking strategy

    Hi guys, Is my linking strategy correct? I have some Tier 1 blogs, pointing to my MoneySite. Links are from blogposts, one link per post, pointing to different pages on MoneySite. I have Tier 2 blogs too, on free blogging services, that are linking to Tier 1 blogs. I link from each Tier 2 blog...
  8. C

    Newbie link-pyramid questions

    Hello, I have many questions that I want to ask but I`ll keep this short (i`ll try). Here are my questions: I am building my first link pyramid and I am sooo excited :). Tier 0: Money Site Tier 1: Article directories, Web 2.0, Wikis and Bookmarks (PR 1+) Tier 2: Links to tier 1 (all page...
  9. J

    Check out my linkwheel structure

    Hey BHW, So I'm still noobing hard when it comes to linkwheels. Conceptually, I understand how they work my problem is action. I guess my issue is how to go about populating the linkwheel and whether or not I can Dupe my content to make life easier. I would also like opinions on my structure...
  10. dungxvn

    My website drop heavily after building links

    Hi all, Yesterday, my website stayed at #89. I decided to build some backlinks using senuke. I created a spun article with uniqueness above 40%. I posted to 18 blogs then bookmark + ping + rss. Today, the site is dropped out the SERP though still indexed. Does that mean my linking strategy was...
  11. I

    What do you guys think about this domination tactic or do you have any better ideas?

    Hey guys, I wanted to ask for your opinion, I want to dominate the first page or at least partially dominate it. I have my main money site I dont want to risk getting sand boxed. and I just resisted about 12 highly targeted domain names for the products that I sell. I was thinking about running...
  12. I

    opinion on hiring an seo back linker

    Hey guys I wanted to ask for your opinion. I hired an seo guy over seas and he tells me he can do 15-20 manual back links a day and submit reports on it daily I asked him if he can do like 30-40 he politely declined and said that it was to difficult that 15-20 quality back links manually in an 8...
  13. T

    Google IS counting my "no Follow" backlinks

    Today I finally ranked for a very competitive phrase that I have been working on for about 2 months. After much hooping, hollering and rejoicing I decided to log in to Google Webmaster Tools so I could bask in the glory of my efforts. Then I made an interesting discovery. I used Scuttle sites...
  14. donjuan

    Web 2.0 linking diagram

    I came upon this on another site while looking for linking strategies. Some of you may have already seen, thought I would share and discuss it here. I always appreciate a new linking structure. What do you guys think of this one?
  15. R

    how good is this linking strategy for blog farm?

    blog farm experienced guys ..., below is a linking strategy for a blog farm. This current diagram is for 3x3 matrix. The same thing can be scaled to any length. At present i am planning for a 5x5 matrix ( means .. the blog farm will have 25 blogger sites) i am testing this blog farm on free...
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