linkedin ads

  1. Amirab

    Lead Generation via LinkedIn Ad Campaign.

    A prospect asked for this but I have never tried it before. Read some threads on here and G . Can this be tried blindly with success?
  2. P

    Get your $100 LinkedIn Ad Credit Here

    Here is link to request $100 LinkedIn Ad credit. I have just submitted request and it was informed that, I'll get credit after 1 working days...
  3. Rotem

    LinkedIn Ads - Tips on how to launch your campaign

    Hello Everyone. I haven't seen in BHW any guide about how to launch LinkedIn ads campaigns, and I would like to share my experience about how to get B2B leads from LinkedIn. Before I begin, a little bit about my business. As I mentioned at the beginning of this post, my targeted audience is...
  4. ZeroDefects

    LinkedIn - Advertising - Advice? Any coupons or promo codes?

    I'm thinking of doing a LinkedIn Advertising campaign. Does anyone have any insight? Does Linkedin have any Promo/Discount codes? I couldn't find any (valid ones) searching the web. Thanks
  5. A

    Is LinkedIn work for social marketing or promoting a brand ?

    Is LinkedIn work for social marketing or promoting a brand ?
  6. Marco Diversi

    So a few days ago I have tried LinkedIn Ads

    A few days ago I have decided to try LinkedIn ads. Even though is super easy to set up and very cool, it is so expensive! I have played with the options a bit, depending on the countries and skills you are targeting the CPC changes! I could not find a configuration that allowed me to pay...
  7. KartikJha

    How Do I track LN profiles who clicked my Ad?

    So recently I ran an Ad on LN and that was my 1st time. Is there any way to track who all clicked the Ad? What am I missing here guys?
  8. KORO22

    List of Paid Traffic Sources

    I was looking for Paid Traffic Sources, but unfortunately, I can't find them on BHW. I decide to do my own list. If you know good Paid Traffic Source you can share it with us here! Let's begin! PPC or Pay-Per-Click Google AdWords Bing Ads Yahoo Gemini Baidu Yandex Advertising Social media...
  9. G

    LinkedIn Ads

    Hello All, I need help with LinkedIn ads creation and suggestion to run the campaign. My niche was account-based marketing. Interested peoples please pm. Regards
  10. Geth_Prime

    [ASK] Linkedin Ads

    Hi all, I have a client that I'm managing that is requesting me to do LinkedIn ads. The client is a shipbroker. I have never done it before but I have done a few other types of PPC ads myself. Is there a guide to maximise my ROI in Linkedin ads? If there's a course, can someone point that to me?