link velocity

  1. kurosaki4d

    Question about Backlink Acquisition

    Hi Everyone, I'm running a second site, but without any backlinks, I'm ranking for some money pages. However, it's going really slowly. So, I'm thinking of starting doing Haro, so if I start doing it and I increase my DA site, can I stop afterwards the Haro link building without any risk? I'm...
  2. Aniket Roy

    How aggressively can i build links for a 4 year old website without getting penalized by Google?

    The website i'm talking about receives around 6K visitors per month. And its shameful to mention but i've been putting calculated efforts to build its traffic for close to 18 months now. When i started, the traffic was around 3.5K visitors per month and i thought that i'd be able to escalate it...
  3. Aniket Roy

    Is 'Link Velocity' still a thing?

    I've already read some previous threads which describe Link Velocity in great detail but those threads are 5+ years old and none of them contain a recent interaction or response. What I'm curious to know is: 1. Does link velocity still act as a strong ranking signal? If yes, then: 1.1 Whats an...
  4. J

    Powerful & Long Lasting Link Building Service To Keep Your Rankings [Won't Derank in 2 Months]

    FAQ: 1. What Is The TAT? - As You Already Know, Its A Montly Link Velocity Service It Takes 1 Month To Complete All Links Also Tier 2 And Tier 3 But You Will Get Weekly Reports And Full Report After 30 Days. 2. What We Get In Tier 2 And Tier 3? - In Tier 2 Your Will Get Links From Contextual...
  5. E


  6. J

    How many Links and link velocity for new site with these details

    Hello. I am going to be following Matthewwoodwards tiered link building guide. In his first tier he uses Ultimate Demon and sets the program to stop running after 100 completions(or submissions?)--- PER each type of link he builds. And there are 7 platforms he uses... So technically that would...
  7. Charles27

    Link Velocity: Page vs. Domain

    Hi, I was wondering what anyone thought about the running a tiered campaign for a "keyword phrase/url" and how long to do it vs trading it out for new ones. How does this effect how Google sees link velocity as regard to the domain overall. In other words, should I just keep repeating a campaign...
  8. goingreen

    Sandbox or Google Dance?

    I've got several new domains I just bought in a great niche and want to rank on the first page of Google. Two weeks after creating the sites I paid someone else to put 650 links on these sites apiece over the course of 2 weeks. Its been about another 2 weeks and the URLs were indexed properly...
  9. S

    Understanding Link Velocity

    Can someone address the concept of link velocity for me? I understand the concept, but what does "natural linking" look like and what would G think was unnatural?
  10. luca6899

    WHAT and HOW... Link Building Campaign!

    Hello, I wanted to ask what I should know before making a link building campaign? Knowing exactly: - Velocity of building my links - Quality of links built - How many links I am going to build consistently every day - How many links I am going to have at the end of the campaign, and how many...
  11. O

    Links from same domain/page?

    I know that having multiple links from the same page or same domain to your website is almost useless, but what happens if I link to my homepage from one site, then want the linkjuice from that same site to a secondary page on my own website. Will the two links count if they are to different...
  12. T

    How to go Viral - Theory: Use/maintain high link velocity to avoid sandbox?

    BHW Members, I have been wondering about link velocity and I would like your opinion. Obviously, a big part of Black hat seo is to be able to build more links and rank higher than your white hat competition. Of course, being able to do this faster is where the black hat part of the operation...
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